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  1. It wasn't pretty ...but. 100+ runs (1 of 15) 100+ rbis (1 of 21) 24 HRs 26 SBs (top 12) 166 Hits
  2. I'm thinking Musgrove may get few innings... I like Brault , Pivetta, Stripling today. Good luck.. I need 15 innings No more then 5 runs, 13 hits, 4 walks ...
  3. Not a fan of afternoon starts for him, but not many options today
  4. Im having hard time justifying tossing him out there on Sunday. ... but my gut says yes..... (gulp)
  5. Cubs are playing well, gonna be tough decision!
  6. This good reminder.. for cause his bad days have been awful... tons of 0-6 days we endured throughout the season
  7. Drafted judge, Stanton, picked up bellinger and Hopkins...had gallo for his hr tear... but disappointed i missed out on this guys streak.. wow!!
  8. I picked him up thinking lil rest his way will help ... perhaps get some pop for last three weeks
  9. Yea, he on bench and toss him in there when he starts.... but he is pretty much now first guy im dropping in my yearly h2h format. .. Pinch hit HRs dont help either!
  10. Yez, he is a hold for us playoff teams. I may not need him next week, but a start (or 2) in the final two weeks of season would be nice welcomed event
  11. Still my all time favorite post and every night seems like im saying..Wow, another Mookie Special!! Bravo to the original poster!! Lol
  12. 6 inn 6 hits Is ok, manageable Not 4 ERs !!
  13. I agree... i traded for him in hopes he would help, but benching him has been an addition by subtraction. Once u do it, ir gets easier to just keep him there. I start Ian Happ over him when Happ starts his 3 or 4 games a week.
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