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  1. Clevenger getting squeezed at the top and bottom of the zone.He's gonna have to go for contact since he's not getting the calls.Might cut down on the K's.
  2. These umps are just ruining the game at this point.I mean Shark throws a pitch that should have been a called strike anyway,and the batter didn't check his swing.So it was a strike in 2 different ways but the moron behind the plate must have bills to pay.Just awful,disgusting and a problem the game has to address.These fat turds just have to go away.
  3. My comment that started this was about the broadcast itself,not anyone's gender or qualifications.Some of these games are becoming unwatchable with all the non game related nonsense.
  4. I honestly can't watch an ESPN broadcast with the audio on.I avoid that unless it's a game I really want to see.I prefer having a competent broadcast team offering facts(and that Statcast crap ain't facts BTW) and professional observations.
  5. What is the deal with the Rockies broadcast? I'm trying to watch a baseball game and the last inning has been some chick talking about twitter with the camera mostly on her while she babbles,and the game is barely shown.
  6. These creatures that have skulked into Vin Scullys job are so awful,it reminds me of when Peter Angeloes ran John Miller out of Baltimore. What a terrible loss for true,altruistic fans of the game. Bless you Vin.
  7. I've been freezing my butt off in my own house.I wouldn't want to be playing ball right now unless I was getting paid millions of $$ for it.I'd do it for less maybe. Also-the announcers on the Dbacks-SFG game said there isn't much managing to do.Meanwhile,Cueto is banged up and at 90+ pitches and the Dbacks are swinging at everything instead of getting to the bullpen.Maybe some bench/hitting coaching is needed then.
  8. I've been freezing my azz off in my own house.I wouldn't want to be playing ball right now unless I was getting paid millions of $$ for it.
  9. You sure about that? He got married this weekend and has missed a couple updates,but I haven't seen anything to indicate there is going to be a change.
  10. OK-my bad.I thought you were talking about next week.Planning as far ahead as you are should be complimented,not denigrated.
  11. I'd start by looking at the schedule and noting where the Twins are traveling to next week,then I would discount the 8 game prognostication. Because it makes no sense and is bat s--- crazy.
  12. Mets-Brewers had ~15 MPH in from RF last I saw,I've got Cespedes and Thames on the bench,but will have to put them in if the Reds-Cards looks too risky.
  13. He still got an initial report in though.What a trooper!
  14. I saw that but Roth is getting married today and said there won't be any updates.
  15. I haven't looked since last week,but I think he has 3 LHPs this week.It'd be interesting if they toss him on the DL for however many minutes it is this year.
  16. Absolutely done after the Arod soliloquy about what he would have done differently as an 18 year old if he was Harper. Now,with the volume off,how can I view the game instead of the people in the ESPN booth?
  17. Yeah,but they just totally skipped an at bat.I want to say 2,but I'm not going to replay it to verify.
  18. I just want to watch a baseball game,not hear wisecracks about 8balls.
  19. I forgot how awful the ESPN broadcasts are.It's like being a POW who has been recaptured and is facing more torture.
  20. That's exactly what I was thinking,unfortunately.That level of obtuseness just has no place.The same thing has been done to Trea Turner consistently. Sorry about today,but maybe it's a good thing.There can no longer be any justification for this BS after this.Hopefully the players will stand up and get this fixed in the next CBA.
  21. The announcer joked he probably had a cold elbow.I started watching and everybody else's Johnson,elbows,finger,etc. were involuntarily inching towards the warmest available core body parts.He was stuffing his elbow in a warm spot. If only Justin Verlander did that,can you imagine the jokes/GIFS?
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