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  1. Thank you all for your input. I will hold off on this deal. I worry a bit about Paddack's innings this year, but overall he looks like a force.
  2. I don't think I'd drop anyone except for maybe Leclerc at this point. There have been murmurs of him getting the closer's gig back, but depending on how Canning shows in tonight's matchup, maybe he is worth checking out. Otherwise, I'd hold.
  3. Currently my Keepers would be: Bregman, Correa, Mookie, Bellinger, Snell for sure and then two of Goldy (thinking of dealing him though), Judge, Buehler, Paddack/Devers. I never tend to keep more than one pitcher each season as they are so much more unpredictable than hitters. I have a number of young guys (Rodgers, Hiura, Soroka, C. Smith) that depending on how the remainder of the season goes, could work their way into the discussion as well. The first Five keepers are pretty close to locked in though.
  4. I would receive Devers and give up Paddack. I like my lineup, but Devers would be a nice add. Paddack will hit an innings limit this year, but over the long-term is he going to be a true ace I will regret giving up?
  5. I am being offered: C. Bellinger and W. Buehler for K. Bryant and J. Berrios Bellinger has cooled and Bryant has heated up. Berrios is consistent and Buehler appears not. However, it's a keeper league. My team is below, and it's unlikely either of Buehler or Berrios will factor in as keepers at the end of the year. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  6. Details of league as well as my lineup are in my sig. I trade: Kris Bryant, Jose Berrios and Joey Votto for Francisco Lindor and Walker Beuhler The issue for me is I don't need Lindor as SS, and he would only play in my UTIL spot unless I moved Correa. Thoughts?
  7. I must say I'm a bit surprised, especially in a keeper format. The input is appreciated.
  8. I have Bregman, who can partially replace Bryant, and three top OF already, but the upside of Acuna is almost too good to not make this deal. Would you agree?
  9. Is this a deal you would make? I don't normally like to trade a good Bat for an Arm, as Pitchers are more unpredictable and injury prone, but Scherzer is likely an exception. Only other issue is Max is 34 and Bryant only 26. See my team in May Sig and give me your thoughts.
  10. I'm kind of in tha same boat, as I have discussed Bryant in a deal for Acuna. I probably wouldn't do that one for one, but depending on who you get back with Acuna, might be a different story. your thoughts on this one?
  11. This, I agree with. Seems sideways to me, especially with Machado eligible at SS. I would have thought you could get more for him.
  12. I must say, I'm a bit surprised. I thought the community would be a lot more bullish on Acuna. Good to know. Thanks for the help.
  13. I think Martinez, but Anderson plays the more scarce position and is a former high draft pick that seems to be figuring it out. Might depend on your positional need. Help?
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