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  1. Jack Herman Alejandro Kirk Mason Martin Otto Lopez Pauly Shore
  2. Been on him since 2 years ago (weird flex) , he gonna be good
  3. The current 2019 season is free. Each year the entry fee is $89 and due in June. The open roster is solid and has some strong players on it so any solid owner could compete even as soon as this year if he put forth the effort. Some basic info about the league settings are:32 teams, 53 man roster + a 10 man practice squad roster, player salaries & contracts, rookie player draft each off-season (7 rounds), exclusive & restrictive rights player contracts along with contract extensions, franchise tags, daily lineups, H2H scoring category's across the complete offense, defense, kicking
  4. The Bears need to trade up for Taysom Hill, he is the next Steve Young
  5. Put 1,000 $ on Bears to win, Montgomery better not f--- this up or else wife will kick me out of the house once again and i'll have to leave under the bridge trying to steal WIFI signals for next week bet
  6. Trey Quinn WR WSH as the last pick in all of my draft. Nobody talking about him. Primary slot receiver and Keenum is a slot slut, he is the QB who throws the most to the slot on average in the NFL
  7. Jabrill Peppers S / LB NYG Jaire Alexander CB GB I'll fill out more when the other guys I like are on my team since it's my dynasty draft and i'm paranoid some in my league read the forum lol
  8. you should have grabbed Trey Quinn instead
  9. Just the steroids no longer in his system, you can't lose 18 pounds of LEAN MUSCLE in a year lmao
  10. Weak angles will be a recurring issue. Go Vegan!
  11. even if it's not serious right now it will get worst because he doesn't eat meat, his body is soft as butter now
  12. doesn't matter, he will not change his system or his mindset for a first year player ... He is NOT a savior
  13. wishful delusional thinking ... I admire your enthusiasm but you will be disappointed
  14. Every back are being raved by their team like they are the second coming of Bo Jackson but 90 % end up like Jordan Howard
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