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  1. Thar she blows....this is why you can't panic after a couple games
  2. Julius Randle played only 19 minutes during Wednesday's OT victory, but he was big down the stretch to finish with 11 points, nine rebounds and three blocks. Randle made his only 3-point attempt and was 5-of-7 overall. He was involved in L.A.'s late-game pick-and-rolls, and he held his own defensively on multiple switches vs. John Wall, including a potentially game-saving block. "We don't win that game without him," Luke Walton said afterward. He's yet to play more than 24 minutes in a game, of course, and we're not getting excited while Kyle Kuzma and Larry Nance are both around.
  3. Considering dropping D wade for Evan Turner considering the way thing are looking.
  4. RIght, but the kid above said "he's terrible" as if his first TWO games back on the Knicks are indicative of his entire career and rest of the season. Just saying a player is garbage when he's obviously not is garbage advice and not helpful here...
  5. Knicks just paid this man $71 mil and he and ZIngis are the only two scorers on the team. He's only 25 and has improved every year, he needs some time to get back into the swing of things at MSG then Hardaway Jr. will produce solid scoring and you'll want to scoop him back up.
  6. Peeps need to chill...It's his third game of the year on a completely new team he just needs some time to adjust
  7. People who are bugging out over the first two games of the season clearly don't know basketball
  8. When you drafted OBJ and Aaron Rodgers....why can't i have nice things?
  9. Anyone rolling him out there against the saints?
  10. Cool thanks. It's not a keeper so he must have just figured he has the space to stash in case of some miracle... but news already broke about him having season ending surgery
  11. Someone in my 12 team PPR grabbed him after he cleared waivers when I dropped him....Am I missing something or is OBJ definitely missing the entire rest of the season?
  12. The guy also has Mike Evans but I'm not sure if he wants to give him up. But would anyone make that trade if it were Evans instead of Cooks?
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