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  1. Ask and you shall receive. This article shows a swing change https://www.pitcherlist.com/going-deep-why-havent-we-talked-about-gio-urshela-yet/
  2. Guys coming on strong lately, may be available: Archie Bradley HIrano Diekman, just traded to A's Nick Goody
  3. The question, in context, was about the structure of the Brewers lineup and if he might get more ABs against lefties going forward. Appreciate the stat though!
  4. Anyone looking at this guy? Gray from Razzball keeps touting him and his second half value. From 7/3: "1-for-3 and his 13th homer, and his 3rd homer in four games. I keep saying hot schmotato and grab him, but I’m not sensing the urgency. He can be a top 50 bat in the 2nd half" From 7/1: "1-for-2, and his 12th homer. This was a pinch-hit homer, and I usually don’t point those out, but he homered on Saturday, and, if he gets hot, he could be a top 50 player in the 2nd half. Not saying he will, but the opportunity is there" Also, does he ever start against lefties?
  5. I would jump on Austin Adams now in holds leagues and especially K/9 leagues. Another 4 K’s tonight and pitched the 8th of a tie game
  6. How would you rank them against Moronta, who seems the be another guy in that class with elite K/9 and good ratios?
  7. https://www.pitcherlist.com/going-deep-the-rise-of-niko-goodrum/
  8. Not playing him at coors, this week, vs the Phillies does not equal not playing him at coors as a rule. especially in h2h, it all comes down to who your starters are, their matchups, and your opponent’s matchups. You may have 5-6 guys who outrank Marquez at home vs PHI and if so, that’s who you start. There is no rule, all comes down to league settings and your opponent. There are many scenarios where benching him is the move
  9. 13 RBI in 15 games, yeah snooze. Really depends on your format,the guy has been a solid asset in OBP and obviously has a nice ceiling
  10. Cleveland announcers just said Lindor heading to Green Bay to see an ankle specialist on Monday. We knew that already, but they also said Francona said there isn’t much pain in the ankle, they just want to be sure it’s not a recurring injury. The announcers speculated that the specialist visit is simply precautionary and that the team wouldn’t give them more info despite their digging
  11. Players currently in the minor leagues or suspended are designated as "NA" status on Yahoo. I wouldn't be distracted by that. He will lose the NA designation tomorrow and is available to be added in Yahoo leagues today. In fact, he's been in the player pool since at least 2018.
  12. What do you mean "not available"? He's in the player pool
  13. One of my favorite value picks in my OBP/SLG league. He should return 4th round value or better in that type of format. 35+HR all but guaranteed, hoping he hits around .220 with a 14% BB% and creeps toward 190 R+RBI
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