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  1. Would not drop anyone you currently have for him, unless you can stash Olsen away for him help w mine?
  2. Currently rolling out Hunter Henry, who just has not been getting targets. After some trades, I've got some assets: (K Allen, Mixon, Snead, Gillislee on the bench, Baldwin and Fournette in the lineup. Treating Julio Ajayi and Hunt as close to untouchable, unless necessary). What do you all think is a fair package for a Kelce or Gronk? NOTE: Kelce owner is a little stingy, might have to pay a little more than usual. If not, what would be a decent package for someone like Delanie Walker? No owner has two top TEs, standard h2h points league. Thanks!!
  3. Try and get even more for Gronk, who's a top 3 at a scarce position Help w mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/672082-doug-baldwin-trade-whir/
  4. Cook, Mixon, Carson, Crowell, Martin, Cohen Help w/mine?
  5. I'd take this one, Murray is prime for regression and Coop should have a better ROS when he works out drops and OAK offense gets into a groove. T Will is also a threat on those short crossing routes, which LAC is gonna have to run a lot of due to OL struggles.
  6. Same call for me too, going w Cousins but still unsure and open to change
  7. nah, id stay put. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/672082-doug-baldwin-trade-whir/
  8. let lynch ride the pine, maybe start garcon over coop, since this is ppr. theyll do all they can to get it to him help w/mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/672082-doug-baldwin-trade-whir/
  9. I'd look for someone like Kelce to start. If not, I'd go after a TE in that Rudolph/Walker range as an add-on to a bona fide star in a package for Gurley. Meaning, go after a star + low TE1/highTE2 as an add on for TGIII
  10. Would consider Rivers vs Philly, feel like he's due for a big game and Philly's without FletchCox and a weak secondary. ROS Home games, Ben. ROS everything else, Wentz. Rivers' schedule scares me
  11. Got offered Doug Baldwin for my Jameis and Garcon. Standard points league, do I take? I have Kirk Cousins as my other QB; Keenan Allen, Julio Jones, Willie Snead, Kupp, and Shepard, and potentially Baldwin as my other wideouts.
  12. Relatively high, though def marred by his poor games and potential suspension. Might have a shot w Freeman straight up or Cook + something. Doubt you'd get Gurley, though Help w/mine?
  13. Getting Evans is huge, though Cutler worries me. Still, I'd take. Help w/mine?
  14. Just dealt off my M. Bryant and I. Crowell for his K. Allen and J. Mixon. Thoughts? Standard, points league. WHIR
  15. DeJong, Beckham, Pedroia, Phillips, Happ, Peraza. Thinking of dropping Matt Carpenter for one of these guys, who would you all go with? Categories league, and I'm the 1 seed in the 1st week of the playoffs.
  16. Hand's a better pitcher than Knebel. They're both locked in for lack of better options.
  17. Hand, he's locked into the closers role ROS and is better than Knebel. Idk what that guy is saying about Capps and Maton
  18. Stick w/Votto and EE, maybe you could sub MA for EE depending on SPs EE faces.
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