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  1. I’m still holding in my league but I’ve been fortunate with injuries that I can roster 2 catchers. Plate discipline #s look improved still having a big exit velocity, but I might end up being alone on this hill
  2. Scouts grading him with 45/80 power. I’m not saying he can’t be a power hitter. The original poster asked what the deal is with him and I gave an answer. He’s going to get playing time with no real competition, he’s been more of an average hitter with little to no power in the minors. So setting MY expectations as playing time, decent BA and any power is a bonus
  3. He was DFA, so if he clears he can either be released or sent to the minors. My money is on a straight release. If he signs elsewhere then Angels are on the hook for the difference between his contract with them and whatever the other team signs him for
  4. Yes I did, but when evaluating and setting my expectations for a player I place a lot more on the track record. I’m rostering him expecting batting average and playing time, any power I’m getting is a bonus
  5. From the articles I could find and looking at his minor league #s he seems to be a contact first Catcher not a lot of pop. he has basically no competition for playing time, should give you a decent average and plate appearances, great as a deep league/second catcher in most leagues
  6. Anybody watching Fried? He was a disaster before the IL but line looks good so far
  7. I also think it’s worth noting that they have been letting Urias pitch deep into games after babying him for a long while. I would not be surprised if they were going to give Gonsolin the same opportunity if he performs well
  8. They had Tom Brady miss an entire year the season following his MVP season, they had Luck retire early, multiple star players retire early, Rodgers had his collarbone broken etc. Yeah if Pat Malhomes missed a year it would suck but the NFL wouldn’t be worried. They have top end elite talent injuries every single year and they match on MLB is a different animal than NFL. It is way more regionally focused and doesn’t worry too much about building their stars out nationally. I personally feel the issue with viewership is less about injuries and more about how the MLB handles its stars an
  9. And I’m sure there is people who have lost ERA by allowing 4-6 more runs, or lost whip because they allowed 4-6 more walks or hits. Once you get past the top 30 or so pitchers being aware of tough matchups is a strategy that makes sense to some. I for example was benching Hendricks today vs LAD
  10. Agreed, have him maybe warming up if things get dicey in the 9th
  11. Pitched yesterday in a save situation and has a four game series tomorrow let’s put our closer in here
  12. 2) Paul fry had a sub 1 era 13.5 k/9 and 4 holds. He’s a guy that is reasonable to roster in deeper leagues that count Holds. (He’s rostered in my 14 teamer)
  13. If they are going to use Diekman as the Lefty out of the pen, then it should leave the lion share of Opportunities for Lou, no? Out of the their last 7 save opportunities Lou been available to pitch in 6 of them and got 5. Along with pitching the top of the ninth in a tied in another game so that’s 6/8 times being used as the closer. Diekman has only been used twice, once when Lou not available. And the first save was against 3 Righties so not even a Lefty thing.
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