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  1. I'm not a huge fan of Blount but his preseason performance being blown out of proportion. Blocking not good at all and they were running him on outside stretch. Not his forte. He'll have the role as the inside and short yardage dude. Sproles though a steal right now. I haven't seen anything positive on Smallwood except that one random speculation report.
  2. Hyde missed a cut back early on but later in Q2 was hitting the holes nicely. Also Goodwin was absolutely killing the Denver secondary. Aside from the plays he made there were a couple of times Hoyer didn't see him burning the secondary. I see a lot of hope for this 49ers offense and team. They just have to avoid shooting themselves in the foot so many times. Also pretty sure the Denver D is being highly overrated. This is not 2015, and they don't have wade Phillips.
  3. Rb injuries are a far greater % compared to Wr. That's proven out over the last decade. However it's still football so anyone is vulnerable.
  4. You should really read the original article. The most important part is that it's anti-fragile and vbd is a myth.
  5. You are correct the Ravens online is not good outside of Stanley and yanda. However maclin will be flaccos go to target with no reliable tight end in the short to intermediate game where online deficiencies can be covered. Im thinking of stacking him with Aj green in week one match up. Dfs. Thoughts?
  6. Coby Fleenor has some pretty big TD potential and he's going super late as opposed to way overpriced last year.
  7. I mean the dude is going Rd 15+. Not many potential RB 1/ Rb2 on the board.
  8. or one of the top TE in place of the QB.
  9. It would be very beneficial if you actually read the original article posted earlier detailing the original strategy and why it is optimal. You are missing a lot.
  10. I love Woodhead this year but that is wayyy too early for him. I'd pass if his price gets that steep. #30 player overall??
  11. Signs from giants camp pointing to Vereen potentially leading the team in snaps. They want him on the field passing situations and they will be very pass heavy offense.
  12. Certainly could make sense with the right match up.
  13. Especially when said player has a history of suspensions and lingering injuries. DJ is the no brainer here.
  14. Even in ppr. 5 catches, 50 yards and a TD is a really good week for most guys. The TDs are what put them over the top most weeks. Outside of the top 3 most TEs aren't getting enough catches to make up for it. Consistently.
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