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  1. JT is a phenomenal hitter. Hits for power and average, and in the 3-spot of one of the best lineups in the league. Might win the batting title this year. If you're solid on SP, I like him the best. 1B is a deep position anyway. If you're shaky on SPs keep Carrasco. Hope this helps! help me out too? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667818-which-pitchers-do-i-starts-in-the-finals-whir/
  2. I'd definitely drop Greene first. Smoak would be my second choice to drop. At this point it's who can deliver you a championship, not about keeping guys until the end of the season. Thanks for the help with mine btw!
  3. I assume you get 2 out of those 3? If so, I'm going Verlander and Richards. Verlander has had a streak of great starts, and has the most talent, plus he's owned the Mariners this season. Richards has barely allowed any runs, and he might still have a short leash post-injury, giving him less chances to allow runs. And he's going up against a directionless and beat up Texas team. Gray is at home at Coors Field so I would stay away from that. If you only need 1 pitcher I like Verlander the best. any chance you could help me out too? I'd really appreciate it if so!
  4. I'm gonna say Blackmon, Bellinger, and Machado. I was tempted to leave Machado because of his slow start this year, but he's just too talented.
  5. Drop Kiermaier or Mancini for Olson! Olson is a beast, very reliable source of homers. help me out too maybe?
  6. KEEP: Kluber Jansen Ozuna Hoskins Sanchez LeMahieu Knebel DeGrom Gordon Santana, Bumgarner, Schoop, and Weaver have gotta go you are not obligated at all to do this, but maybe you could help me out too?
  7. Pham, Santana/Haniger, Garcia I love Pham's cross category capabilities. Hits for average and power and he's got speed. Santana is similar but not as good average-wise, and he has strikeout problems. Haniger looks pretty good but I want to see more of him. I don't think Garcia will replicate this. help me out too?
  8. Moustakas has been cold lately. Carpenter, on the other hand, has been much better. Plus I wouldn't want to be facing the Indians right now. Gotta drop Moose. Help me out please? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667818-which-pitchers-do-i-starts-in-the-finals-whir/
  9. This is H2H weekly 10-team mixed redraft league. I WILL HELP YOU IN RETURN. Which pitchers should I start this week? I am starting Corey Kluber obviously. So that leaves me 5 SP slots. I have 3 RP slots, but ideally I want to fill 2 of them with Cody Allen and Corey Knebel. Kyle Hendricks vs Woodruff (MIL) Jose Quintana vs Davies (MIL) Luke Weaver vs Garrett (CIN) Rich Hill vs Samardzija (SF) Alex Wood vs Leiter (PHI) Brad Peacock vs Giolito/Shields (CWS) *Lucas Giolito vs McCullers/Peacock (HOU) and Kennedy (KC) *Jose Berr
  10. I'd rank Lance Lynn first. He's been very solid in his past 6 starts, scoring positively in my league's format every time. Boston isn't the best matchup but STL has been playing great lately and I'd favor Lynn more than ERod. Number 2 ranking is a toss up between Taillon and ERod but I'd favor Taillon just because I personally don't like pitting my pitches against each other (chances are one pitcher will lose and cancel out the success of the either). So I'd say Lynn #1, Taillon #2, ERod #3, Chacin #4 (I don't trust the Padres haha). Hope this helps! help me out too maybe?
  11. Oh my god yes. Do that immediately. Then grab Roark off waivers. Votto is a top scoring player in my league. I have Zimmerman myself and he's all over the place, very unpredictable. Godley pitches for a good team but I think he's overachieving. hope this helps! Help me out too if ya can!
  12. Definitely Upton and Davis. They've been hotter lately, while Adams has gone very cold since his surge upon arriving in Atlanta. Upton is a good all around hitter and Davis might hit a couple bombs for you. You could even drop Adams if the need be imo. Hope this helps! Help me out too if ya could!
  13. Well Seager has not been good this year, and you just grabbed him off waivers, so the trade market will probably be nonexistent, barring some foolishness by an opposing GM haha. That said, I would hold onto him, UNLESS you have an impending waivers move you'd like to make, like clearing a roster spot for someone coming off the DL or grabbing a specific available player to patch a weaker spot on your team. I don't know if either of those situation are currently applicable to you, but in those scenarios he's definitely droppable. Using him as a streaming slot placeholder seems smart to me. Hope
  14. I'm gonna go Skaggs believe it or not. The Nationals lineup is absolutely decimated, as Murphy and Rendon and occasionally Zimmerman are the only real troublemakers in it at the moment. I'd much rather face that than the Dodgers. Plus I'd say a win is slightly more likely against Gio Gonzalez than against Yu Darvish backed by the Dodgers lineup. Plus the Angels are surging, they're a wild card team right now. The White Sox are one of the league's worst teams. Hope this helps! Help me out too maybe??
  15. Ten team, H2H standard points redraft league. I currently have Jason Vargas and Jose Berrios on my team. But I feel like I can only trust Vargas against bad teams, and Berrios has become unpredictable. I have my eye on JA Happ and Parker Bridwell. Happ has won 3 straights starts and he's the most proven, but the Blue Jays are a weak team. Bridwell doesn't total many strikeouts but has pitched very well in 6 out his last 8 starts. Bridwell has relief pitcher eligibility too. The Angels, Royals, Twins and Twins are all potential wild card teams, while the Jays
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