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  1. Kingery in dynasty format, upside is huge.
  2. Another owner just offered me Machado for Abreu and Price. Would you take that? Thanks for the advice man, I really appreciate it.
  3. Bell, Alonso, Bour. Bell is pretty balanced overall, and Alonso has a strong lineup around him and raked during the Spring. Bour has an awful lineup surrounding him so it will be hard for him to produce a lot of counting stats. help me?
  4. 10-team H2H Cats (5x5) (two utility spots and no MI or CI slot) trade my Abreu and Hosmer for his Strasburg and Jose Martinez? Squad: C: Molina 1B: Abreu 2B: Schoop 3B: Donaldson SS: Baez OF (4): Harper, Hoskins, Nuñez, Pham UTIL: Hosmer, Smoak BE: CarGo, Moncada, Acuna SP: Kluber, Nola, Price, Castillo, Richards, Snell, Walker, Corbin RP: Osuna, Kela I have excess 1B so shipping off the pair wouldn't hurt too bad, and Martinez seems to be on the rise now that he is getting guaranteed play-time
  5. H2H Points league with the trade deadline tomorrow. my team has been trending down since Boogie got hurt. My Hassan Whiteside (36.3), Zach LaVine (25.3), Lou Will (34.7) for his Giannis (53.9) and Gary Harris (27.9)
  6. Pretty sure LaVine will be back before Blake, Russell is more unclear but he could easily return before Griffin as well. At that point it comes down to whether or not you think 3 months of LaVine + Russell whenever he reutrns is better or worse than two months of Griffin + Streamer
  7. So I'm in a pretty shafted situation right now, with five injured players and unsure whether to cut ties or not. The waiver is complete trash right now and people have essentially told me they'd pick up my injured guys if I cut ties with them. Have Whiteside, Hardaway, Collins, LaVine, Gallinari in a 12-man H2H Custom Points league. With the insane amount of injuries I have, I was considering making a trade to buy-low on some other injured players and tank the next 2-3 weeks until I'm close to full force again. Would this be a bad move for me? My Damian Lillard (41.8)
  8. how many teams? is there an IR? Dedmon's out a while which impacts his side of the trade. Would be buying/selling low on the Melo/Nurk side as well. I think I prefer Melo side in a points league.
  9. I'm in a 12-man league where the waivers are as shallow as they have ever been. Points league with no IR spot. Over the past two weeks my team has gotten obliterated by injuries and I have now racked up five injured players, not including Paul Millsap who I've dropped already. The injuries I am dealing with: Whiteside, Collins, Gallinari, LaVine, Hardaway Jr. Do I cut ties with those guys knowing they will be swooped by healthier teams? Or should I tank a few weeks and just come back at what will hopefully be full strength? Rest of my team (w/o injured guys) PG:
  10. I like Gasol so long as he doesn't get traded. If there's someone slightly better than Booker you could target I would try and do that. It's not a bad deal but I like Gasol's upside more.
  11. H2H PTS 12 TEAMS So about a week and a half ago I was rocking the deepest PF lineup in my league, with Millsap, Whiteside, and John Collins. Needless to say that has gone to s---, though I managed to scoop Nance off the wire before he came back. I also have LaVine and want to hold him considering he should be back in a couple of weeks. Should I drop Collins? Planning to drop Stephenson as well. Top FA's: Tyus Jones, Levert, Ilyasova, Ryan Anderson, Wesley Johnson, Olynyk Lineup: Dame, CJ, LaVine, Reggie, Mitchell, Porter Jr. Hardawa
  12. I dont think you'd get much better than Middleton, though it's worth a try. Even if you do get Middleton in it it's a good deal for you, considering your excess of PG's.
  13. no idea what your league settings are but sounds like straight up robbery. Porzingis side needs to add a mid round player or something to balance it out.
  14. Ask for more, I like targeting Horford for punt points, maybe go for someone else than Conley. Even with a healthy Conley this is a close deal. help mine?
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