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  1. Several friends and I have spent the last couple of years refining our own version of a college football themed dynasty league. We've played in several other iterations of similar leagues, but felt that there were a few things we wanted to change and refine. So with that said, I present to you... NFL University! The Concept NFL University uses NFL players in a setting similar to NCAA D1 Football. NFL Players in their first four years in the NFL comprise the player pool (Rookies = freshmen, 2nd year players = sophomores, etc.) The league includes recruiting, rivalry & bowl games, NCAA player and team trophies, redshirts, a transfer portal, verbal commitments, etc. in an attempt to get as close to college football as possible while still making a competitive fantasy football league. The Important Info • $25/year paid through LeagueSafe • 96 teams total (6 conferences w/ 2 8-team divisions each) • Each division has its own player pool and there is no trading between divisions • Auction-based startup and rookie drafts • Teams start with an equal amount of recruiting points (auction $) and earn additional points each season for wins, player performance, and selling players through the transfer portal • Rosters are up to 35 players; offense and IDP • Small devy aspect, but very simple • Playoffs & Bowl games to win money • Active league GroupMe chat If this sounds like a fun concept, we'd love to have you join. We're well over half full and looking to get drafting ASAP!! The full bylaws can be found here. If you would like to join, please fill out this Google Form. It helps us stay organized with so many teams. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer here or via PM.
  2. • Hosted on MFL • GroupMe for league communication (mandatory) • $32 annual entry fee through LeagueSafe (plus $5 first year for custom graphics) 1QB 2 RB (1 ppr) 2 WR (1 ppr) 1 TE (1.5 ppr) 3 Flex 1 SF Link to bylaws: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ijfmh8DWcQ0KDdPXHElP56txM76CQbCWEpYgWWU0T8s/edit DM me or leave your email here with interest
  3. MFL link doesn't work. Can you email me league info? jhersh12 at gmail.com
  4. I'm interested and would like to see league rules/bylaws. Can you DM or email? jhersh12 at gmail.com
  5. I passed info to league Commish. Expect an email shortly
  6. I passed info to league Commish. Expect an email shortly
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