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  1. I'm sure there's a perfect strategy somewhere out there for roster construction maximizing Rockies hitters. Platooning is the obvious bent, but w/ half your 2021 roster devoted to DL's and NA's, much more complicated. For me, I still find stacking Rockies during home stands irresistible, and willing to take some hit on the road.
  2. Which side do you prefer in value (Yahoo, Standard Roto): Team A: Tatis Jr., Yordan Alvarez, Kimbrel Team B: Trevor Bauer, Castellanos, Musgrove, Blackmon Thanks!!
  3. I know Tatis is almost impossible to rate in terms of trade value (redrafts). But given his extreme potential and injury risk, what's a legit return that you accept (12 team, Standard Roto)? For example, would you do a Tatis for Trevor Bauer straight swap right now? Thanks!
  4. That return would have been great while it was his peak value. At this point, the full range of his potential ROS is so huge (MVP or DL), I think getting a Round 2 + parts return would be worth the additional stability. Just the way I see it.. But this is an extremely unique case for sure.
  5. I agree. The issue is not ability (2-handed swing or not), but durability. As long as Tatis is in the lineup, this series is his potential. But staying in the lineup is a complete toss-up... and we're just a few weeks into the season.
  6. Back to back multi-HR games off Kershaw and Bauer!! Owning Tatis is way too conflicting. Either best time ever to trade him now, or risk selling low on your top-3 pick.
  7. 2 for 4, with 2 runs scored today. And a modest 3-game hit streak going. Reason for hope, right?
  8. Clarification. I traded Devers to get Vlad.. TBH.. part of my motivation was buying low on Vlad to flip him once he gets hot. May have outsmarted myself. Time will tell..
  9. Who would you rather have ROS (12 team standard Roto)? One has all the hype, the other all the hate.. I would still go Vlad, but Devers is making a case.
  10. Seems like he really wants your Snell. I would try to downgrade Ozuna to a lesser piece, especially since Archer is on the DL right now. But in terms of value, the Arenado trade is fair.
  11. Turner's value just about quadruples in a NL only 12 teamer. Can single handedly (no pun) win you the category.
  12. Thanks fellas. My question is whether Conforto is a .300 hitter? He seems to have more power than Puig, but Puig gives you more SB's. But if Conforto is a legit .300 hitter, I think that puts him over. One more point though is this may be THE year to own Puig. Fresh team, great park, and most importantly, Free agency. We may never see Puig more motivated than this single season.
  13. Standard 5/5 Roto Sent this trade offer about a week ago. The owner let it sit there and just accepted today. I totally forgot it. What's the damage? I'm giving up Conforto
  14. Bear Claw -- Pretty crazy the guy has allowed a total of 1 Baserunner (a walk) in all of June!! Hoping he cracks 20 saves this season
  15. Do you need saves that bad? Cole has been slumping, but still can finish Top-5 SP ROS. That's worth way more than what you're getting back. I would just wait for the post-deadline musical chair to happen and snatch up an arm or 2.
  16. Always a bit awkward to compare Pitchers to Hitters. But want to get your thought about the following: Thor vs. Springer (Standard Roto) During the preseason, I think many drafted Thor above Springer hoping in the potential to jump into the Big-4. But at this point, most prob have Springer above Thor pretty easily. For a team desperate for SP help, how does the two compare value wise? You can probably guess I'm the one trading for Thor. Springer is great, but he's probably my 4th best Hitter. My SP is awful (Greinke, McCullers, etc..)
  17. Your team is stacked. Don't need Blackmon. But yes, that's good value. Would be better if you could replace Kemp w/ a CL. But I'm sure the other owner is trying to sell high there (just as you might be doing w/ Brantley).
  18. I would do it. (assuming redraft) Blackmon's been alright this year so far, but has the absolute potential to blow up and carry your team in ways few others can. You're CL is thin. Full weight falls on Allen. You'll need help. But Viz is far from irreplaceable. Just need to be on the look out for post deadline moves in different CL roles.
  19. Any other thoughts on the trade: Albies/Jansen for KB? Thks!!!
  20. You're trying to trade for Segura at peak value now. If you're truly targeting Segura, I would wait for him to cool off a bit first. He's good, but not .340 good.
  21. I think Albies is better than Odor, who had some more obvious holes. But yes, the upside of KB is easily overlooked. Another factor. Schoops (2B) is a FA.
  22. Somewhat big turn of events. Final deal went as follows: I Give: Albies, K. Jansen I Get: Kris Bryant A lot to give up, but I think I like the deal valuewise. I'm lower on albies than most. Jansen could be a beast, but as of now, still just a CL. let me know what you think. Thks!!
  23. Does position factor in at all? Might just be my situation, but 1B seems harder to fill than 3B this season. I have Donaldson on DL (as well as Beltre and M. Carpenter on roster). The only 1B option would be: M. Carpenter (don't trust) and I. Desmond (FA).
  24. Hey All, Who would you rather have ROS: Goldy or Kris Bryant? (Standard 5X5) Been holding onto Goldy all season (and suffering through it). With his recent surge at Coors, is now the time to cash in? Trade possibility for KB, but who's stats look more and more unspectacular. But it seems at least we know what to expect w/ KB (and potentially more).. Thanks!
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