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  1. Re Draft heck Na... keeper:dynasty 4 sure unless your competing to win Now
  2. *firm hold in a dynasty, one year rental not worthy - hope this weekend gets hot for Mr BB...
  3. Long ball last night - kids youthful compared to his competition right now... Realistically what’s his potential (*want to hear from you guys that’s been following Julio) ~ thanks (new dynasty owner)
  4. Not sure everyone’s take (I know there are haters out there both sides staton and Harper speaking....Kingery Verdict not out yet ?) thanks
  5. I do think hitting behind those guys - you probably selling him “lite” In the RBI department
  6. *Next Bellinger less speed more pop 🍾
  7. Crickets 🦗... No fan fair 🤔 double bong rip hope people are cashing
  8. Kids call is on the horizon 4-5 last night, I know it’s Vegas but he’s absolutely destroying AAA pitchers right now
  9. Recently just leased - kids stats n numbers are supported, under owned and appreciated in the fantasy departments... golden
  10. In a dynasty keeper league and on the fence of cutting him yet again 😳
  11. Coach needs to be tar an feathered !! Joke team
  12. Anyone know if Bud Blacks brother coached the diamondbacks ?
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