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  1. Saw the game yesterday and he could not find throw strikes. Plus his FB was sitting around 90-91. Been pretty disappointing and every start, it makes it hard to believe that he ll figure it out anytime soon, as in this season. 😬
  2. If he can't get through 5 innings against the Os he might as well move to the bullpen
  3. Why did he pitch as relief today
  4. 12 team H2H 9 cats 2 IL & 2 keepers PG: Kemba, Bledsoe (Curry, Lowry) SG: Will Barton, Rodney Hood, Jarrett Culver SF: Kelly Oubre, Tobias PF: AD, Saric, Davis Bertans C : Mitchell Robinson, Horford (Ibaka) Kept Robinson and Doncic who was traded. How's my team? Any general move I should be trying to make with my team? e.g. sell high candidate maybe?
  5. 12team H2H 6x6 OBP and K/BB Keepers were Sev, Soto, Suarez 1B: Rizzo 2B: Shaw 3B: Suarez SS: Hampson OF: Puig, McCutchen, Soto UT: Mous, Muncy BN: JPolanco, Meadows, Bradley Jr SP: Bauer, Taillon, Wheeler, Sev, Pivetta, Reyes,Lester, Paddack, Strahm RP: Betances, SDominguez Daily league so we usually draft many SPs. Should I be panicking with Mcmahon raking in spring training?
  6. I need to drop one in my 12 team H2H 6x6 AVG OBP HR SB R RBI Who's do I cut? Need to activate Archer I'm thinking cutting Puig since they are both my bench bats and despite being a v RHP platoon, Joc puts up efficient numbers. So could slide him in .. But Puig also has high ceiling but is just not taking walks like he did last year. Any thoughts?
  7. 3keepers 12 team H2H 6x6 OBP AVG HR SBR RBI x K BB/9 SV W WHIP ERA Take Machado? I could get DJL as well but then I'd give C Santana or Gallo maybe I'm thinking no since I got Trea SS and Suarez 3B already.
  8. H2H cats R RBI HR SB AVG OBP, W K K/BB SV ERA WHIP Who would you rather own? Seems fair
  9. Need a catcher and both are on the waiver. 12 team H2H AVG OBP R RBI HR SB Take a shot with Barnes? was great last year and his OBP is juicy. Or go with Beef?
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/reds-amir-garrett-headed-to-bullpen/ Annnnnnnd, he gone
  11. 12 team H2H 6x6 standard 5+OBP & K/BB 3 keepers marked* C: Barnes 1B: Carlos Santana 2B: Albies 3B: Gallo SS: Trea* OF: Harper*, Puig, Pollock UT: Alonso, Bell BN: Jose Martinez, Willie Calhoun NA: Senzel SP: Bum, Archer, Sev*, Bauer, Fulmer, Clevinger, Jon Gray, Faria RP: Rodney, Parker Daily lineup with 3 RP slots, will pick someone off waiver. Draft didn't go as planned and ended with a bunch of boom/bust haha. Also didn't know about Bumgarner's injury Not sure what strategy to deploy ye
  12. I asked around Trout/Altuve owners but they are being kept 100% and I don't blame them. Thanks for the input guys. Btw, no one think it's worth keepin both Harper&Mookie for 1,2,4th pick (cost) and Lindor for 3rd pick? I guess Turner will be pretty close to Mookie's production so maybe it's not so much worth giving up that extra 4th pick.
  13. 12 team H2H R RBI HR AVG OBP SB Can keep 3 of TTurner (2), Lindor (3), Betts (1), Harper (1) as last year's draft pick. I have 2 first round picks as I got one from trade. Our league rule allows keeping 2 first picks but I'd have to give up 2nd pick and 4th pick to keep them both. I'd also have to give up either Turner or Lindor then both of whom I think provide nice value for me. I do not think it's worth but I'm not sure who to keep. Betts had a down season but I think he'll bounce back and put up first round numbers again. Harper feels a bit more
  14. 12 team 3WR league. Offered CJA+Kearse for my Hilton. I had stacked WRs and garbage RBs but OBJ went down.. So right now WR: Hilton, Hopkins, Amendola RB: Ingram, Buck Allen and on Ellington on FLEX On the bench I have no WR and Jaamal Charles, Latavius, JStew, Mack I could counter with Jaron Brown instead of Kearse. He also got KBenj, Pryor.
  15. Are Vargas and J Montgomery starting this Sunday for their 2nd start?
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