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  1. Donaldson's single in the 8th to bring home Ozzie Albies' run literally won me my matchup by 1.4 pts.
  2. No bench bats right now with Gennett, Murphy and Upton on the IL. Plus, arms are harder to come by but Boyd and Harvey are nothing special yet.
  3. It'll be my entire winnings for the year, most likely.
  4. Well...I won my first matchup and scored the most points in the league scoring me a $20 right out of the gate week 1. And I did it with what I consider patchwork SP.
  5. I've never been able to stay motivated/focused in those formats.
  6. Murphy having x Ray's done on his finger. Could be good for both Hampson and McMahon and terrible for Murphy lovers/owners like myself.
  7. Ok. Glad you convinced yourself you made the right decision. For those that didn't watch and are just reading this - Romo looked absolutely awful.
  8. Wouldve liked a Grand Salami right there. I only have Lucchesi going tonight and German is one of three I'm up against.
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