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  1. Donaldson's single in the 8th to bring home Ozzie Albies' run literally won me my matchup by 1.4 pts.
  2. No bench bats right now with Gennett, Murphy and Upton on the IL. Plus, arms are harder to come by but Boyd and Harvey are nothing special yet.
  3. It'll be my entire winnings for the year, most likely.
  4. Well...I won my first matchup and scored the most points in the league scoring me a $20 right out of the gate week 1. And I did it with what I consider patchwork SP.
  5. I've never been able to stay motivated/focused in those formats.
  6. Murphy having x Ray's done on his finger. Could be good for both Hampson and McMahon and terrible for Murphy lovers/owners like myself.
  7. Ok. Glad you convinced yourself you made the right decision. For those that didn't watch and are just reading this - Romo looked absolutely awful.
  8. Wouldve liked a Grand Salami right there. I only have Lucchesi going tonight and German is one of three I'm up against.
  9. I think this is the smart play given what some are saying of Rogers.
  10. Thanks. I sent the trade via email but told him that was my first thought when I first contacted him but now I'm thinking it doesn't add up. We'll see if he's a motivated seller (I'd guess not, but he needs SP) and see where it goes. Thanks all for the gut check.
  11. We are a H2H points league. HRs are valued pretty highly but steals are 2 points. Story and Turner scored equally 8 pts yesterday. I would be doing this as a fan with rooting interest, but I'm hearing that the trade doesnt actually work for me in the long run.
  12. No SPs for me today - so here's who I'm pulling for: Grandal Bellinger Murphy Story
  13. I think Rosario will be good in that lineup with strong SP. I would go for it. I feel like you can get similar OF production elsewhere in the WW riding hot hands.
  14. Can you elaborate? I would figure that I could find Piscotty's stats on the WW throughout the year from several different sources. Are you liking Story that much more? I know there is more pop there.
  15. I screwed up and didn't pay enough for Turner (but I kept Story) and now I'm regretting it as a Nats fan. How would you feel for either side if in a Story and Piscotty for Turner trade? He also has Peraza, Bregman and Eduardo Escobar as SS eligible but his OF is Harper, Inciarte, Desmond with no other OF eligible players. Thoughts? WHIR
  16. The Nats are the same Nats of 2018. Crappy fundamentals, no run support, can't bring runners in, etc. And Davey is still a terrible manager and not the sharpest tool in the shed - even if we were up against DeGrom yesterday.
  17. I owned Junis last year as well. There were times that he was great and I liked the early matchup (was running out of money for SPs). You are right - Junis is probably on par with Harvey with less upside (although both have weak lineups backing them), but would definitely take Harvey over Lucchesi. Should've done more homework. If nothing else, I think Harvey has "it" and the mental makeup to be a good SP still. He's no Scherzer, but I believe the intensity and "it" really matters.
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