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  1. I don't see how they don't do this, which means Lamar may not even play more than a quarter this week
  2. I've had Lamar on 2 of my three teams this season and have watched most of his games. One of the reasons Lamar can get so many yards is because he is a QB that runs like a RB, BUT he is a Protected Class on the football field. Defenders can't use the same type of power when tackling him or hit him the same way they would do to a RB without getting penalized. So this allows him to act like a RB that can't get hit properly, which is exploiting to the fullest.
  3. The way I see it: Probably Game score/opposition: Detroit has given up 19+ points in every game except for game 2, and vs Tampa they will probably give up 24+ Over/Under falls into that realm at 47.5 points Detroit will probably get 3 TDs QB/WR relationship: David Blough has thrown 38 and 40 passes in his two games, against Chicago and Minnesota. He should throw over 40 passes this game, could easily go to 50. Golladay has scored 21.80 and 11.80 non-ppr points in the two games with Blough, vs Chicago and Minnesota Tampa Bay has given up a l
  4. He’s questionable with a quad injury - anyone concerned?
  5. Concern is they play the blocking TE like vs NE
  6. Thanks... ...and ughz- Thursday games really mess things up
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