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  1. MLB really has a juiced ball problem on its hands
  2. instead of walks it looks like he just grooves fastballs down the middle (only watched a few innings)
  3. Curious to who are the 20 pitchers you would take before him? He is a top 5 pitcher this year. In that 1a group outside of Kershaw.
  4. Any shot of a callup with Beltre getting hurt?
  5. He is going to play 1B against RHP at minimum. If he's hitting he will play everyday. Healthy Bird > Frazier, Headley, Ghost of Matt Holliday.
  6. Maybe if BA dropped him out of the midseason top 100 his two 399 ft triples would have been HRs too.
  7. Who gets called up first Tebow or Rosario?
  8. How does Mateo's profile compare to Trea Turner? SS/CF 50+ SB potential.
  9. Kipnis crushed that. He's throwing BP right now.
  10. Watching. Wellington Castillo may be the worst catcher to throw to in the entire league. Hard to watch.
  11. Any shot he gets into the home run derby?
  12. No rumors. Educated guess? Bird looks like he is out indefinitely. Yankees have the worst corner infield production in MLB. Hosmer and Alonso are prob the top two rental 1B on the market this deadline.
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