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  1. Oh I posted there 0 replies. It’s a ghost town over there. Used to be a lot more active 4 years ago when I joined
  2. I have 30 minutes to decide who I’m benching out of woodruff giolito and Robbie ray. I need guidance lol
  3. No luck in the weather department . Who do I bench lol
  4. I’m in a similar predicament. Wheeler Ray Walker Woodruff Giolito. I have to bench one. What do we doooo
  5. I think the picks you’re leaning towards make the most sense especially given the price your in on them for.
  6. Are you me? Haha literally described me. I’m in a H2H 14 teaser. First place 12 keepers (keep forever league) and have had the best team on paper for a couple years now. I traded lindor and Bryce Harper this year to fill out my already stacked team and I’m so nervous I think you gotta just set your lineups and hope the fantasy gods don’t snake you. Your team is stacked though!!!! I’m going to save this post and ask how the playoffs went for you this year because I’m hoping it’s out year. My lineup and rotation is ridiculous and I’m still not confident lol. c salvy 1b Votto & cron 2b Altuve 3B devers & Bregman SS seager of Soto tucker bellinger sp walker wheeler woodruff ray giolito if that isn’t the craziest 14 team roster I don’t know what is lol. In the end it’s up to the fantasy gods but I’d like to think we set ourselves up for a championship this year. Good luck and I’m pulling for you. I need help for tomorrow as we can only start 4 SP at once and we have 5. Cheers.
  7. I can only start 4 pitchers tomorrow and of course I have all five of my starting pitchers on the mound (Really hope this doesn’t happen again in the playoffs)… Wins=20 QS =18 IP=1 K=1 BB=-1 Walker Buehler vs SD Zach Wheeler vs TB Brandon Woodruff vs CIN Robbie Ray vs CHW Lucas Giolito @ TOR i have to bench one of them. I’m leaning towards benching giolito.
  8. Can’t believe I’m asking this but who do you choose to keep? H2H Points league XBH HR SB RBI Runs
  9. $250 Buy In 14 teams H2H 12 keeper (add a keeper each year; year 12) 1st place $2750 2nd place $500 (double the buy in) Hoping we implement best record of the regular season getting their money back, but I lost that vote in the last off-season
  10. Yea I’m attributing this lost season to his injury luck (or lack there of). Shoulder injuries can completely alter a hitters swing AND with the leg injuries and not being on the field much (spring training + reg season), this just is what it is. I’m still holding strong in keeper unless I’m getting back a top 20 dynasty piece. Next year he’s still young, he’s still playing for a contract, he’s healed up and going to make a statement. I’ve owned him since double A. This year might be a loss, but Cody ain’t going out like this. He’ll be fine.
  11. Huge day for Jonathan India 3 for 4 2HR, 2B, BB, 3RBI, 3Runs. Possible NL ROY. Currently 5th in OBP behind juan goato, vladdy, muncy, and harper. Leading off everyday for the reds. Impressive rookie season.
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