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  1. Jimmy is so damn petty. Career journeyman talking like hes some kind of MVP. Dude has a career avg of 16/5 and Warren is at 14/4.
  2. Was the injury on his shooting hand? If it is I'd imagine hes out longer than 4-6 weeks.
  3. Trading Harden for depth is mind boggling to me. Harden plus anyone on waivers is better than any combination of players you'll get in a trade. Having Harden is like having two 2nd rounders in 1 spot if that makes any sense.
  4. What other diagnosis could they give tho without an MRI?
  5. Wouldnt a hyperextension be more painful than a tear? I've seen a few athletes tear their ACL and be able to walk it off. Klay in the finals last year is an example.
  6. If its hyperextension then why were they covering his knee? Not doubting you but just curious.
  7. Looks season ending. Hoping for the best but expecting the worse.
  8. I'm in a 12 team. Just made a bunch of trades. Drummond for Lillard Collins for Isaac Trae for Lavine and Kyrie Ayton and Galinari for Curry when he first got injured. Just praying I get Kyrie and Curry after ASB.
  9. I'm in 1st by a game with 2 IR spots. Have had Curry on IL since he got Injured. I've also had Bagley in there and now Kyrie. Harden Lillard Isaac have kept me afloat so far.
  10. Big men also develop a lot slower than guard or small forwards. We all saw Bagleys potential the last 2 months of last season and he was putting up 18/10 every game. Health permitting his trajectory should have him doing 25/12 by next year. Just sucks we cant see him develop more this year because of injuries.
  11. Match this guy up with Dunn and you're probably winning Stocks every week.
  12. Has his value gone down enough to be able to offer him and Trae for Doncic?
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