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  1. more of a 2021 outlook but hopefully lawrence locks onto this guy next year
  2. even tho mahomes losing a td would give me the win no way that gets changed earlier this year i lost by 2.99 but then they added a blk kick to the pats d gave me the win by .01
  3. he's probably being forced to start tua i think thats the only reason he's starting everyone knows fitz gives them the best chance to win this year so it's the only logical explanation
  4. im starting packers d in one league we are good trust me i'd also say whatever d i start they give up an opening drive td 9 times out of 10
  5. i'll take that back stat correction to the pats d gave me the win by .01
  6. the woods fumble late put me down 2.99 pts stat correction gave the pats 3 pts for a blocked kicked and i won by .01
  7. i drafted hooper which is why im here 4 or 5 grabs a week and probably a td here and there im in on this guy
  8. i know he made due with his wrs last year but you cant expect that all the time he definitely deserves alot of blame at the same time tho im not a big fan of petersons playcalls either tho
  9. ESPN's Jordan Raanan said Dion Lewis is "the best bet to be the Giants' top running back with Saquon Barkley out for the season." i hope he's wrong i could really use freeman
  10. i remember picking this guy up off waiver in my dynasty what a steal
  11. yeah im out i'd rather the TE from cincy
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