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    10 team league C:Molina 1b: Rizzo 2b: Trea Turner 3b: Moustakas SS: Owings IF: Odor OF: Charlie Blackmon OF:Ian Desmond OF: E. Thames Utl: A. Russell Utl: Altherr Be:J. Bruce Be: D. Fowler Be: H. Perez P:Strasburg P: Colome P: S. Gray P:A. TRiggs SP: D. Holland SP. R. Iglesias RP. Robertson RP: Jansen Be. Skoglund DL:Felix Hernandez

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  1. Hey, so i have a lackluster SP squad but i have a lot of RP's Colome, Robertson, Jansen and Iglesias. I need SP's and was thinking ofdropping Iglesias for Brauer. WHat do you guys think? also willing to drop Altherr or Hernan Perez
  2. Triggs and Holland werent kind to me either tonight
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