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  1. Yea I’m weirdly high on him this week. Not sure what that’s about since all the evidence seems to be stacked against him. It kinda just felt like he was on his way to being the featured guy last week prior to the fumble, and then he was benched. I get the feeling that if he starts off the game hot, he will have a massive role and fantasy performance. If he sputters out of the gate or makes a big mistake, it’s a bust week. Sad that this is what it has come to, but we haven’t seen a ceiling week from JT yet, and I think it’s coming soon.
  2. It’s ludicrous that this guy is still available on waivers in some leagues. IMO he’s an easy top 5 TE the rest of the way.
  3. I’ve been talking about it in here for months, this team can’t run block for sh*t. I was really excited to own drake this year so I’ve watched most of his snaps this season. He’s the same explosive and dynamic player as last year, but has had absolutely nowhere to run. Edmonds suffered the same fate yesterday. What I don’t understand is what happened between last season and this one... I think most of the Oline returned from last season when blocking really didn’t seem to be an issue. What gives?
  4. I’m definitely concerned about this as well. Don’t really see the need to bring in McCown when you have McCarron and Webb already behind Watson. Would make sense if a QB tested positive and there are concerns that the other QBs will be deemed close contacts.
  5. I feel like he’s likely to play based on that report. The absence is just precautionary since he was in close contact with someone who was positive.
  6. Definitely buying as at least a high quality bye week filler. His talent combined with a talented gunslinger QB? Going to result in fireworks some weeks. Obviously a volatile player, but there’s no debating that he has week winning upside.
  7. Nobody is going to argue with that. But to be clear, I think his impact is significant. He graded out as the #1 blocking TE in the league last year, and the Cardinals haven’t been able to open up any holes on the edges.
  8. Feeling pretty good about him this week. Pretty soft overall Vikings defense. Could definitely be a shootout. Swift should (fingers crossed) lead the backfield in touches. No Golladay could mean more involvement in the passing game.
  9. Was waiting all year for Maxx Williams to come back to provide a big boost in the blocking department. He returns this week to help Edmonds 🥺
  10. I actually think RoJo is still the lead dog in this backfield (from a carries perspective), but he will be absolutely destroyed for any little mistake (which is disastrous for a mistake prone guy). But I think next game RoJo comes out and gets his usual starter carries until something goes wrong. Had the look of a high-end RB2 two weeks ago. Shaky flex play now.
  11. Well fellow Swift owners, lets cross our fingers that KJ gets dealt. He feels like one of the most likely trade candidates across the league. Obviously he’s not eating into the workload too heavily, but any little bit of clarity in this backfield would help.
  12. Certain players are volatile ceiling plays, and some are just more reliable and consistent. Unfortunately, Andrews has been very volatile due to the lack of passing volume in Baltimore. However, the fact remains, he’s currently top 5 in TE points on the year even though he has had a bye. Might speak more to the TE landscape this year, but Andrews is a must start every week TE1. Same as Lockett who has had 6 points or less in 3 of his past 4 games, you should never bench him because the blowup games are coming.
  13. Because he is the lead dog in Houston and Watson loves him the way Rodgers loves Adams. Right now, Fuller is a WR1. That will not be the case if he goes to GB.
  14. Definitely agree that we’re unlikely to see anything that inspires confidence. I’m not going to look at the production, but the usage should be telling. Will Wilkins lead the backfield in carries? Split carries? Was JT truly nicked up (and even if he was, did Wilkins earn a significant role)? I imagine we will have more clarity after this week.
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