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  1. I have been playing fantasy sports for 10 years now, baseball for 5. I’m looking for a active league that’s very competitive and active! It can be a keeper league or Dynasty league. Prefer ESPN or Yahoo but fantrax works too!
  2. Hello sir I’m very interested. Can you email me at Starsymbol9@yahoo.com. Thanks,Phil.
  3. I’ve played fantasy football for 8 years now. I’m in need of a well established fantasy football league, I prefer it to be free but if it’s well established and is active I am interested. Starsymbol9@yahoo.com!!
  4. Hi, looking for a well established Dynasty league (something that will not fall apart), looking for a team that can win it all or in the process of a rebuild. Would like to join a league that has been going for a couple years with a good core group of guys. Thanks, Phil.
  5. Sorry I didn’t read the last part. I will be a dedicated owner. I’m looking for one more dynasty league where people are active. I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for six years now. 4 years of dynasty 2 years of seasonal, it helps with my fantasy football withdrawals.
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