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  1. I once swore off a guy as a trade partner years ago in a dynasty for ridiculous demands and being a jerk(Grad school friend of friend so nerver met him). Like a year later, I threw him the most win win offer I’ve ever done, and now we’re the best trade partners, so no, never right anyone off(and the offer wasn’t horrid). U may end up “cycle”ing up as rebuild year/go for championship year guys in the future that make perfect traders
  2. That’s a lot of offensive depth/turnaround guys on the ww. Def no on Alonso I’d say, go after cheaper guys in potentially Dozier, Voit, Walker, Mancini etc or grab Dietrich from wire. I’d be More calm/wait and act. Make some minor upgrades: people still buy a name: bux, piscotty, and puig I’d trade for pitchers actually cuz there’s better hitters to replace on ww. Then make your pitching for offense move(s)
  3. I’m so high on Reyes but his owner hasn’t even responded if he’d be willing to sell
  4. Got it. I thought it was 1/3 of a point for ip.
  5. Then Moreland seems the answer then for me. Help with mine?
  6. Wait sorry I might be confused but how would a guy like wheeler ever get you points? It seems like u have to not lose. If you go 6ip with 6k that’s +8 points and have a1 whip and even only 1 earned run that’s -8. So you’d zero out and depends if you win or lose for 5 points. That’s a pretty good pitching line. I definitely wouldn’t want a guy like Wheeler that has a team that doesn’t win very much. Am I missing something cuz I wouldn’t want many pitchers at all with those harsh negative point categories?
  7. Not even close. He’s gotta give you value elsewhere, not just outfield depth where the 2 of them don’t even add up to 1 Betts. And Cruz starting over Desmond is nothing.
  8. What was his offer to counter? I’d like something like Kershaw/Verlander, Soto(or kemp if you prefer), and Crawford. Drop Andrus and Crawford’s an upgrade for backup ss. Then Soto/Kemp is 65% of Betts and in exchange for that 35% you get another ace starter. Help with mine?
  9. Saves and holds is the worst, saves/holds is bad, and saves only is ok. If they do go for a saves and holds seperate categories, I’d demand that 1 or 2 roster spots be added. If not, then a category has to be punted basically.
  10. No to the first yes to the second. You’re trading a bench guy you probably don’t start that often and can’t keep for future potential for a starting pitcher and a guy on the dl with similar #’s. Here’s mine:
  11. A first/last place trade in a keeper league(im in first). He trades me Eflin, Skaggs, and a 25th round pick for my Leake and a 16th rounder. I figure one of them stays decent at least ros, but I doubt either become keepers. Thoughts? Whir
  12. I just picked up Caleb Ferguson and think I’ll roll with him for his first mlb start. I’m hot on him as a potential minor league keeper too? Thoughts on risk?
  13. Yeah didn’t hit yahoo waiver until last night I think. Commissioner gave me a special dispensation to add to my roster today though. Is a anyone starting him tonight?
  14. Ah I misread it as all three for Trout not 1 of the 2 and Davis. Yeah I’d do that deal haha
  15. No way I’d give up all 3 for Trout. I’d try to do 2 trades one selling high one selling low. See if a Cabrera/Herrera/Meadows can get you a Hoskins. Then try and deal Votto for a stud Sp or 2 good ones that owner might not be sure on(Morton/Folty, Cueto/Berrios, pairings), but ideally a Nola or higher.
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