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  1. .5 PPR I have McKissic in but now with Gibson back and Haskins at center I'm having last minute thoughts.
  2. Do you think a 1st round 2021 is worth it? I'm in a lottery so it would be at ceiling 6th pick and best 1st
  3. Dynasty players: anyone thinking boyd is a candidate to trade for 2021 picks? regression next year with emergence of higgins, etc?
  4. I think Meyers is in NE for the long haul (for dynasty players). Edelman just about done, and I don't see anyone else on that roster being a threat to his long-term usage.
  5. I could never start this guy with the lack of targets he gets and his current position. However, for future value I'm intrigued: UFA next year. 26 yrs old. Could see plenty of teams grab him for cheap and make him a WR2. Also, Lockett's contract ends 2022. $2.25 dead cap in 2021. Wilson clearly likes Moore. I'm absolutely grasping at straws but for a free add in dynasty why not take the shot?
  6. Anyone have any ideas with current ADPS to get the best type of ATL stack?
  7. Big potential sleeper this year. The personnel has loved him from the get-go. I personally don't think Conner was ever supposed to be a 3-down back (he became one because of the whole Bell scenario) Targeting Snell in the 14th-15th depending on draft pick.
  8. I love drafting him this year at his ADP. He can be a potential borderline WR1 and you can go heavy with RBS in the beginning of your redrafts. You can actually go crazy with dolphins players in best ball leagues and stack almost the entire team with where their ADPS are (parker, geiscki, williams, fitz). I do agree that if they are competitive, you see Fitz stay out there the entire season. Hugeeeee upside for best ball with very low risk.
  9. Can't believe how low people are on Gurley. 1 - CMC, Barkley, Zeek, Kamara, Cook 2 - Mixon, Henry, Jones, Jacobs, Sanders 3 - CEH, Drake, Chubb, Gurley 4 - Ekeler, Carson, Fournette, Gordon 5 - Conner, Bell, Ingram, D. Johnson, Mostert 6 - Taylor, Akers,Swift, Hunt, Montgommery, Singletary, Rojo 7 - White, Dobbins, Cohen, Vaughn
  10. Imagine two years ago what people would had been saying if they could possibly get Gronk in the 9th round? I'll take him all day there
  11. I would take him at his current ADP, nothing more.
  12. Josh Allen is my favorite trade right now. Dynasty: Traded him and my pick 1.4 for a 1.6 and DJ Chark. Reached for Burrow cause I had 2 early 2nd round picks (got Moss and Vaughn - we only start 1 rb). I think I killed it in this one. The guy with 1.4 got Swift. What ya'll think?
  13. I got a first and second round 2020 pick. Picked up Akers and Burrow.
  14. so hypothetically you're taking singeltary, akers, swift, and hunt over todd gurley in the 6th round? cmon.
  15. I know... I guess I gotta take the chance on a couple this year.
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