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  1. These type of guys just aren’t worth waiting to see what happens for. I see other pitchers on the wire I would rather have.
  2. I wouldn’t blame people who waited. Doesn’t mean you have to hold him either. It doesn’t mean it’s short sighted. I see other pitchers on the wire right now who I think will have better overall years honestly.
  3. Ok what is the deal with this guy? I know he has high upside and I drafted him for that. But is this guy actually worth waiting for? There are other pitchers on the wire that actually start games. I also understand he's going to have an innings limit. I'm contemplating dropping him but wanted to check what everyone here thought first.
  4. I just dropped him but I plan to pick him back up. I'm an Angel fan and like the kid, but I'm on the fence about him being worth a roster spot this early. He obviously is if your pitching sucks. I think he'll be on some sort of innings limit and should be a serviceable pitcher, but I don't expect any crazy break out. Maybe like a high 3 ERA with a good amount of K's? But other pitcher pop up like that during the year all the time it seems. But he definitely has some talent. I'm going to try to pick him for his next start.
  5. The playoff schedule kind of concerns me. Wish I would’ve thought about that more before shipping off one of my good receivers lol
  6. This is bad. I’m not even a Kupp fan really. but yea, just bad.
  7. The fantasy playoff schedule isn’t pretty either. This has taken quite the turn.
  8. Yea, I get you. I just traded him for Hooper. And I don't regret it either. So that tells you how far he's fallen.
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