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  1. I’m not sitting him right now. Plus, let’s not forget what MadBum has done to the Dodgers in his career.
  2. If he’s just a platoon guy, is he droppable? I am not enjoying him not being able to hit lefties and sitting out so much. Waste of space so far.
  3. Who would want to buy? Lol and what’s the point in selling for 75 percent value. I’m confused.
  4. Not sure if that's entirely true according to what fangraphs says. But it is encouraging nonetheless that his fastball velocity was up last start pretty close to what it used to be. https://www.fangraphs.com/players/patrick-corbin/9323/graphs?pitchgraphs=true&statArr=&legend=1,2&split=base&time=daily&start=2015&end=2021&rtype=mult&gt1=15&dStatArray=SL,FA&ymin=68.9321&ymax=96.5287 This graph takes you all the way back to 2015.
  5. Lot of talk, not much action. I just streamed him for Coors. Let's hope he does stuff. I love stuff.
  6. Geez. Now I have to hold Corbin lol I had him benched today and was kind of hoping he got slaughtered to make the decision easier.
  7. He's beginning a rehab assignment. He's probably done for the year.
  8. He’s in the wire in my league and I want in. Is he worth it?
  9. I've always liked Meadows, but I'm starting to lose some faith. He isn't hitting against lefties (sometimes not even playing against them). I don't even care about the stolen bases, honestly. I just want him to hit for a decent average and play every day.
  10. Yea...I get that his back thing is definitely a concern and I'm not dismissing that it could be a problem again. But also, maybe it won't. No one in here knows ****. The fact is that the Brewers said he's handling full baseball activities already and he's had no setbacks. I'll take that over him not doing anything baseball related. It's good news in my opinion. I don't know why people are fishing for the negative but to each their own. Let me also add...Yelich is pissing me off and I probably won't draft him again unless he falls significantly in drafts. That being said, good news and go
  11. I think last year something was definitely affecting his velocity. Not sure exactly what the issue was but before he signed with Arizona too he got in some sort of accident as well, I believe.
  12. According to fangraphs, his fastball velocity last night was in line with his velocity when he was in his prime. https://www.fangraphs.com/players/madison-bumgarner/5524/graphs?pitchgraphs=true&statArr=&legend=1&split=base&time=daily&start=2014&end=2021&rtype=mult&gt1=15&dStatArray=FA&ymin=&ymax=
  13. He's turned it around somewhat but I'm finding it difficult to roster him at this point. He isn't really striking out anyone and his stuff honestly just looks whatever to me. I think if you need other players, it would be wise to move on from Corbin. For me, it's more name value that's keeping him around. Just the hope that he can put up those numbers he did a few years ago...but I'm just not seeing it. Anyone else care to rebuddle? Should I hold?
  14. I’m actually somewhat relieved it’s not an injury.
  15. He tested positive for COVID ... that’s why he left the game.
  16. I’m going to just take what I read today as good news.
  17. Really liking the production from Lowe and Meadows. Great players.
  18. I’m losing my patience. I will tell you that.
  19. Anyone own meadows and Lowe from the rays? They’re pissing me the duck off.
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