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  1. Is that the draft order we will be sticking with, or do you plan to randomize it?
  2. I can take a spot so long as it stays a Tuesday evening draft.  I have others schedule for Monday and Wednesday.  Send invite to richardh6@msn.com

  3. League is currently filled. BUT, payment is due by today at 5pm. Anyone not paid by 5pm will be removed. And if you want to be on a wait list, please send me an email or inbox me and at 5pm, if I have any replacement needs, I will get back to you later today. Thanks.
  4. DarthSinha, I sent you the ESPN invite. Leaguesafe link is on the main page. Please join and pay asap. Thanks bud and welcome.
  5. Generally we just roll with ESPN random order 1 hour before draft.
  6. EVERYONE ELSE, I STILL HAVE ONE OPENING LEFT. Let me know who wants it.
  7. Cool, friendly, fun folks only!! If interested send me your ESPN email for an invite. Send to thebrutal1@hotmail.com I have 1 opening (maybe 2?). All information, and COVID provision details are below. Give it a read, make sure the planned draft date/time and other settings are acceptable to you, and if interested, let me know. Payment will be due as soon as league is full (later today or tomorrow). Thanks. League Info: ESPN
  8. Get Josh Allen. I prefer him over Baker and you get to keep Cooks. GL.
  9. Thank for the great feedback. Please keep it coming if anyone else has thoughts. I really appreciate it.
  10. That is 100% my philosophy Mikeflavaz, but would you even consider this a "bad trade"? Just curious.
  11. Ok, I posted this question in the Assistant Coach forum. Thanks for telling me about that. I didn't know.
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