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  1. Agree with most in that I'm not crazy about Votto - has to be somebody else you like more. Do you have any other bench bats or is that the entire roster? I'd prefer to wait and see with Vaughn, but I'm not crazy about him either. If you have to drop somebody for Votto today, I'd drop Knebel - even though I like him.
  2. Need to drop one of these SPs for a pickup. In what order would you drop them? Patrick Corbin Trevor Rogers Drew Smyly Thank you WHIR
  3. Keep 5 forever league with increasing draft cost each year. Deciding between keeping Matt Olson and Mike Soroka both at a pretty low cost moving forward. Certainly for this year with unknown on Soroka health I think Olson is more of a lock for help this year, but curious what you guys think for down the road. I also think there are a ton of other 1st base masher types that you can get this year and in future and I love Soroka long term and he's locked in at the lowest cost possible if I keep him this year. Thanks for any thoughts.
  4. appreciate the responses. Currently they are turned in to commissioner so nobody else sees them but he does. He's a trustworthy fella but at the end of the day, he will know more than anybody else about who's available and it would be hard not to tweak his own keepers - especially since they have different costs based on what round they were picked in. If he had first pick for instance, he could not keep his best player knowing he would pick them with his first actual pick and lock up somebody else at a lower cost. If he picks third, he might not do that for risk of losing that player ....
  5. Surely there is a way or app to turn in your keepers to a central place and nobody can see them or access them until the deadline has passed. Especially when you are making tough calls with guys who have different costs, it would be an advantage for somebody to be able to see who the people are turning in as keepers before making your own selections. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Sorry - other keepers most likely Verlander, Soto, and Devers
  7. In my keep forever league, I have a choice between keeping Matt Olson at a 19th round value or Mike Soroka at a 23rd round value. Not much different in the round tax but what do you guys think moving forward about who is the better keeper?
  8. Need saves and want to get some feedback for these ROS Jansen, Hicks, and Villar for Benny, Wil Myers, and Dejong. Have Andrus at SS and help with 2B and SS acquiring Villar
  9. Not sure if this is the right place or not, but here goes my question. For those of you in keeper leagues where your keepers cost a certain round pick that usually is upped each year you keep them, how do you handle the trading of future draft picks in your league? I keep a player who has a 3rd round value but I trade my 3rd round pick next year in a trade - what happens? Do you not allow trading of picks in these leagues? Any references here or online that you can refer to with sample league rules? Google hasn't really gotten me what I have been looking for. Thank you for the h
  10. I know benintendi is higher thought of generally today, but what do you think about Matt Chapman going forward and would any of you actually prefer him? I just see great power potential and a developing hitter with plate skills. Benny so well rounded and the steals are a big plus but not sure if it offsets the power difference. Any thoughts?
  11. agree with above - Strickland easy drop and Touki could go as well.
  12. pinder would be only one I'd consider but probably not pulling trigger for waiver claim
  13. feel good about Nola still and team / track record - would do it.
  14. would favor dozier since PT seems more certain for entire season Help with mine?
  15. pineda and most likely Jeffress too unless desperate for potential saves. Wouldn't hurt me to drop soler or polanco either. Have faith and want to see what happens with winker and Reyes. Help with mine?
  16. I would take the cruz and musgrove side in redraft - not completely lopsided Help with mine?
  17. keep 5 forever league buehler, winker, and moderate draft pick compensation vs Kluber and Eflin Kluber and Buehler are the potential keepers, others are just considerations for this year. Which side comes out better and why? WHIR
  18. Like the idea of packaging him with Soto for an elite guy - doesn’t hurt you this year and gives you three nice keepers. I certainly wouldn’t give him away cheap - even if you aren’t planning on keeping him. I also think hed have to show something this year at majors for me to drop soto who has already done it (assuming he stays near what he’s done so far).
  19. Yes - not fired up about either but just looking to make some hits somewhere
  20. Who’s better pickup ros? Play in qs and wins league. If Gibson had any luck/support he’d be a fairly high rated pitcher thus far. Feel like eovaldi has more dominant potential but 4/5 last starts were bad. Competition was tough however and he is in line for some easier starts. What say you?
  21. As long as you feel good about your pitching, I'd like the overall improvement with Ramirez
  22. it's a keep 5 league - most people probably don't value him as a keeper due to age although this year would probably make people think about it if he ends up strong like this. As for other post, yes it would only make sense for win now teams. I'm possibly a win now team but looking to either secure a quality keeper and/or help me with hitting because my pitching is in really good shape
  23. Currently own verlander who is obviously rolling. Looking for some offensive comps that you guys would ask for in a keep forever league. What kind of guys do you think would be enough to trade him for considering this season and future value?
  24. who do you like better in keep forever league. Certainly, Freeman has more skins on wall and is a monster. Baez is younger so maybe more prime years ahead of him and also at a position where those numbers are more scarce unlike a 1B. Some of this lineup uncertainty is worrisome with Baez although more of the concern is about is becoming an elite guy this year or just a really good player having an outstanding season. Also like the new additions around Freeman that seem to make me think his numbers could actually be on the rise with all of this help in the foreseeable future. Freeman not g
  25. Currently have seager and baez and have ability to trade one of them in a keep forever league. Who would you rather keep for the overall future? I guess if you wouldn't value either as a keeper then who do you like most for just this season?
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