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  1. Title says it all. I wanna add one of these guys off waivers for points going forward . Who you got ? WHIR
  2. dude's straight out here winning leagues
  3. TBH if you need pitching, Tanaka and Hamels can definitely help your squad out. I'd say yes
  4. bassitt definitely, just added him myself
  5. Who would you add for a pitcher off the waiver wire - points league? WHIR
  6. Yeah Conforto or Buxton. I would try offering a pitcher like Fried or something - not too sure.
  7. Your pitching is already pretty solid and you have a strong bench. Not sure if I would do it.
  8. Cool how you embedded a poll.. but stanton for me
  9. Rank these 4 - Bassitt, Davies, Gio Gonzales, Woodruff? Trying to pick one or two up for my points league(s). Thanks guys for the help.
  10. The options you have are not quite amazing. However, Yuli G. might be a good choice considering Cano is dead meat so far
  11. Drop the Buttery boy but pick up Robles if he’s available - appears to get most saves opportunities on Angels
  12. Agreed with above. DeJong and Chavis are too important to give up right now. Perhaps try to remove DeJong or Chavis from the equation and see if he bites.
  13. I would totally do the trade. In most cases I feel like the Buehler/Devers side is better
  14. This is funny and odd, I recently got a trade offer similar from someone who wanted my Paddack for his Conforto. For me, Paddack's upside is something I would pick over Conforto's, so I declined. But if you need more solid pitching on your team, do it!
  15. All 3 on waivers in my espn points league. Looking to drop Andujar for one of these for my Utility spot. Who has the brightest outlook in terms of points ROS? Franmil, Smith Jr, Olson - Which would you pick up? WHIR
  16. Yes you’re crazy😂, accept it then pick up someone else on waivers who is pitching hot
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