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  1. Alshon Jeffery (foot) was limited in Wednesday's practice.

    Jeffery returned to practice for the first time last week, suggesting he's getting close to a return from Lisfranc surgery. The Eagles badly need Jeffery with Jalen Reagor (thumb) and Dallas Goedert (ankle) on I.R., and DeSean Jackson (hamstring) now DNP

  2. 4 hours ago, Lt. Frank Drebin said:

    Yes, but the point I was making is he had 2 good receivers in various flavors for 3 seasons and not only did he not hit them much, but he didn't even throw to them much period.


    Surely the offensive philosophy will be better in Chargersland, but I find it a little hard to believe the OC is going to have Taylor peppering dudes with targets. 120 seems like the high end he'll sling towards Allen. He's extremely talented overall, especially compared to Watkins and a much younger and greener Woods, but all his monster years he's getting 136, 149 and 159 targets from a much better throwing QB who he had amazing chemistry with, and even in his 8 game monster season, years back, it was 89 targets over 8 games. 

    We give him a 68% catch rate on 125 targets he's looking at 85 receptions. Give him 12 yards a catch we're at 1020 yards. He gets his average of about 6 TD's a year.

    I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a 85/1020/6 line, it's quite good, but I'm not expecting some 98/1250/7 year. And that might be very ambitious to even give him a slash like 85/1020/6. I really hope I'm wrong though lol, cause no one's biting on my trade offers and I can't get myself to sit him for guys I drafted so much later for a few games cause I do love Keenan Allen the player and he's still in his dead a** prime. 

    Yea true im worried hell get double team with no mike Williams 

  3. On 9/11/2020 at 11:40 AM, Lt. Frank Drebin said:

    I feel like he's fine value where he's going in most drafts, but I'm banking on a 75 catch, 900ish yards, 4 to 6 TD season. That's not bad, but there are more explosive, higher upside, win the week for you, guys still in his draft range, such as Chark, McLaurin, Metcalf, Hilton and Ridley.


    Allen is extremely talented, but there's no way we can ignore the chemistry he had with Rivers, and how terrible Taylor is throwing the ball, at least for fantasy purposes, and the reports that Herbert is looking completely lost and ineffective. 

    I drafted him last night and so I'm hoping I'm wrong and he goes off for 95 catches, 1100 yds and 8 TD's because talent, but I'm not holding my breath. Taylor had Watkins, Woods, etc., to throw to for 3 years in Buffalo and didn't do much with them. 

    Tyrod never had Watkins for 3 years in buffalo because 2014 he was in Baltimore but 2015 watkins had 60/1047/9 and woods had 47/552/3. Then in 2016 watkins got hurt and 2017 he got traded woods never had more then 6 TDs in a year until last year and believe Kupp was also hurt or coming off a serious injury. Allen is way more skilled then these Wide Receivers 

  4. 5 minutes ago, lvsaint429 said:

    With Riddick & Bowden gone, the path is clear for Jacobs to get more receiving work. He may not get 60 catches, but 40 is definitely reasonable. RB1 all year with top 5 potential 👍

    Really hoping hes stays healthy with no major injuries 🤞🤞

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  5. Deandre Ayton (left ankle sprain) is listed as questionable for Tuesday's game against the Blazers.

    Ayton has missed each of Phoenix's last two games, and in his absence Aron Baynes went off. The veteran center scored 61 total points, and would lose a lot value-wise if Ayton is able to return to the lineup. And Cheick Diallo, who has picked up a few minutes but isn't much of a factor in fantasy, would fall out of the Suns rotation in this scenario

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