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  1. but u still have the rookie wayne gallman there who's doing good on short carries hes received
  2. wouldn't that be a shocker if dallas picks him up and use him for the next 6 weeks
  3. i was hoping Hyde went to Arizona until they picked up peterson, but now only team i see him having a chance with is Redskins for RB1 production
  4. Yes i would do this trade you have Kamara and Martin that could replace Gordon production
  5. i would go with Howard/Adams i do like Baldwin/D.T but Howard is a much better upgrade then Murray and he might not even be the starting back but maybe 3rd down and GL back i dont know how big your league is maybe 10 or 12 team? you might be able to get another WR to start rather then bryant
  6. MckInnon for this week but watch out for saints with snead back thats going to open some doors help me with mine
  7. i would make this Trade you have Green/Hogan for WR1 and WR2 and Diggs to fill in for bye for hogan, then you have Freeman/Ty for RB1 and RB2 and have A.Ellington for flex help me with mine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/676016-aabdullah-for-acooper/
  8. i would trade Bell+Cooks for Zeke+Brown atleast you get Zeke back for playoffs help me with mine
  9. i would do this since you have some depth at RB but if Riddick does get hurt watch out for abdullah help me with mine
  10. i would plug Mckinnon @ GB this week help me with mine please
  11. i do like B.Allen but in this case since DRC is out for the Giants and Jenkins will be all over Thomas its a easy play for sanders this week help me with mine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/676016-aabdullah-for-acooper/
  12. The only other players on your bench right now that i would consider starting is Duke and i would switch him for Lynch but with the QB change in Cleveland its hard to determine if Duke will still get thoes Receptions. but all together its a very good lineup for this weekend Goodluck can you help me with mine thx
  13. im trying to buy low on Cooper and the only RB that im willing to give up that he wants is Abdullah, just want to hear what you guys think about this trade my team is in my sig
  14. let's go Murray lets have the best game of your Career tonight you have something to prove
  15. Murray for me Chicago are using 3rd to 4th string linebackers 2 OLB and 1 ILB, chicago Secondary isn't nothing speical after you get pass the Defensive Tackles its all gold
  16. Stay put there might be better options on the WW for you later during the season where u can drop sammy
  17. i need Murray to go 15/105/2 and 5/50/1 might be a little much but never will that Bear D being that week right now
  18. its close but i would take Hogan i believe hogan with get more TD's then Hill will this year
  19. i think im going to hold off thanks everyone for their opinion's
  20. you must not have to much faith in D.Martin as a RB2 Ellington,Smallwood are good PPR options smallwood thrived in that Sporles Role before he got hurt. you might have to Pair Allen/Martin or Baldwin/Martin for Freeman or Allen/Baldwin for Freeman if you want to hang on to Martin i would scoop up Wentz and pass on Dak. help me with mine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/674579-trade-for-jhoward/
  21. i would do this just to get Hogan to add depth to your WR help me with mine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/674579-trade-for-jhoward/
  22. Gronk for me help me with mine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/674579-trade-for-jhoward/
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