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  1. Lol dude you dont know nothing amari has a serious foot injury that's been going on for years
  2. I'm sorry but Dak did not ruined Dez career. Injuries killed Dez career and he has never been the same
  3. I would of but carolina missing there other CB and Reid has a bum ankle
  4. Due to injuries and guys coming back from injuries have no choice to start Tate just hoping for a safe ppr week
  5. I Just got him off waivers the way Nance been playing he'll get his
  6. So now since Gasol went to raptors and J.Valanciunas is on Memphis where does JJJ stand
  7. It took Rose a little bit also to get the SG tag hoping by the end of this week or next he’ll get the PG tag added
  8. Will Barton (hip) has still not been able to go through practice. Coach Mike Malone suggested that Barton was getting closer, but it doesn't sound like he's going to make it back until the 2019 portion of the season. He was an early-round player in the second half last year and tore it up before his injury to start this season, so he should be stashed everywhere. It'll be interesting to see what happens with red-hot Monte Morris.
  9. Seems to me PG13 is getting back into his old form before he had his sick injury
  10. Just because they are a good 3 point defense who’s going to guard the 7 footer
  11. Do you guy’s think when P.Gasol comes back will it affect Aldridge production or help his production
  12. Awesome can’t wait until Barton comes back and then I can stash Levert on IR 👍
  13. Lauri Markkanen banged his right elbow on Friday but soon returned, finishing with 22 points, six rebounds, four 3-pointers, three steals, one assist and one block in 27 minutes. Markkanen took contact while setting a screen and was checked out by a trainer on the bench. The fact that he returned (and hit a tough game-winning layup) suggests it isn't a huge concern, but he will receive treatment. Disaster avoided. He shot 7-of-11 from the field and 4-of-5 from the line, too, which was nice after his 31.6% shooting in his first two games. Overall, he hasn't shown a ton of rust and it helps
  14. He’s 7’0 why would he be SG eligibility if anything he should be PF/C
  15. Awesome 👏 but I would like to see Parker at SF right now until Dunn comes back, plenty of talent between all positions when Dunn and portis comes back
  16. I wish ESPN would assign the SG tag to him would really need the help but keep ballin Rose wish you was still a Bull
  17. No I wouldn’t drop Bears D unless you absolutely have no choice but I wouldn’t play them against NE either
  18. drop forte for Pernie or Murray i would keep both TE's
  19. ull be just fine with 4 WR going foward unless 2 gets seriously injured last week for bye weeks ACCEPT TRADE
  20. Yes that put a smile on my face just pure karma there, i just hope juju keeps the WR2 Role Next 2 games are at home
  21. well i check the weather channel and its raining in chicago and detroit. idk about NY looks rain after the 1 o'clock games https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/USDC0001:1:US
  22. well stop watching it plaiin and simple and then you can stop coming onto forums like this
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