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  1. Lewis or Collins for me help me with mine
  2. Since its non ppr i would try to get D.Hopkins,A.Brown,L.Fitz,M.Evans,T.Hill,A.J.Green help me with mine
  3. im rolling with the bills this week Winston is playing hurt he might not play the whole game so they might put Fitzpatrick in as well there prolly going to pass heavy in this game Bills could luck out and get a pick six help me with mine please
  4. well i found out its suppose to rain in green bay this sunday there's a 53% chance of rain should i still start Thomas or roll with Fitz? leave a link and i will help you out
  5. its suppose to rain in Green Bay this week how much of a factor would that be for hundley and brees
  6. That's a tough one man i have both and starting both Hyde hasn't had a Home game since week 3 even with Sean Lee back in the lineup for Dallas there Run D still ins't that good. And with Baltimore man who knows anymore but Mckinnon can hurt you on the ground and threw the air to play it safe i would prolly start Mckinnon
  7. is you guys had to choose between J.Elliott and H.Butker for the rest of the year which one would you want on your team?
  8. zeke but only if your getting adams/mccoy anything else is not worth it
  9. i would start newton@Chicago then Cousins@Philly
  10. Cleveland Run D is no joke since M.Garrett been back i rather use Hyde or Mckinnon
  11. in game 1 they had CB R.Darby ever since hes been out philys D hasen't been the same hes been limited in practice all week i don't know if he will play this week against Washington
  12. it really doesnt matter theres going to be a time share between murray/henry and Mcfadden/Morris if zeke misses time
  13. hopefully no more then 3 games lol week 11 i have Hyde and Gore on bye's kinda need Lynch vs NE that week
  14. i picked him up 3 weeks ago in my 10 team league couldnt be happier
  15. well since i bought cooper for low i wouldnt trade at the moment would still be hard to get decent vaule cause of his previous 5 weeks, now if coopers comes out next week @Bills and put up 6/100/1 something around thoes line i would try to get a RB1 for him like Gordon,Mccoy,Freeman along thoes lines
  16. i doubt Cooper will have another game like he did last night this year, but im hoping Raiders use him like they did last night going foward so we can finally put him in our lineups does anyone feel comfortable putting cooper back in your lineups next week?
  17. im glad i bought low on him before this game
  18. deal 3 is the best for you but it sucks that your giving the dude who is 5-1 Kelce he might be hard to beat now goodluck to you
  19. either Fowler or Louis since Kizer is back help me with mine plz
  20. if you can make this trade hurry and get fitz help me with mine plz http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677433-lineup-help-for-week-7/
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