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  1. LoL at fanboys that say “Kyrie won LeBron the ring” comments
  2. After this week he has a juicy schedule the rest of the way. He actually went against top secondaries back to back week but this week I expect a big game vs a HOU secondary that doesnt look the same as they did last year
  3. Titans offense has been weird for the past 3 weeks. its like they dont do anything for the very first half... than they turn into savage in the 2nd. Weird.
  4. Bennet called Taylor Lewan a "racist mf" lmao what a coward. He's mad beacause he got man handled by the Titans o-line.
  5. Nah I did not. Murray is the superior RB and just giving him a tough time.
  6. Murray still with the carrieres. paging @DerrickHenrysCleats
  7. Like I said all season long. Murray is still the better player. His hamstring is still not healed but looks much better today.
  8. Murray with great vision. That was a nice run.
  9. He has a good matchup against TEN. Tennessee is bad covering TE. He might go off this game
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