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  1. This one goes out to all the Olynky-less haters out there, Top-3 playa next year Book It!!!!
  2. i'm sure campy & mcdaniels frank jax already gone but caleb martin & deck can get you some across the board production as well, think OKC wants to find out what they got in their new Argentine, maybe the next Ginobili hah
  3. You'll be even happier if Stew mans up and doesn't play like a lil bish tonight. He was a hard hold for me after last game but he should be able to perform well tonight vs. the Grizzly Bears, fingers crossed
  4. Thunder, Lakers, Mavericks, Pistons, Bulls, Hornets 3 games next 4 days, choose wisely
  5. *hits 3 consecutive treys right after I rage-post, I'm still mad at you kid but not as much now
  6. ^^Gee whiz, same thing tonight smh:/ It is 100% pure torture watching this kid throw up brick after dud after air-ball (0-8 right now) while doing nothing else to contribute or compensate; he is single-handedly destroying the hard work of all my other players who are trying to efffing WIN during championship week, I've never wanted to kick another man in the ballsack so badly HFS!!!!!! I can't watch anymore grrrr
  7. WTH happened to this guy?? Turnt into a big fat va jay jay overnight, what a disappointment!!!!! so much for seizing the opportunity with nobody else on the floor and showing the organization that drafted you that they made a mistake WTF?
  8. WTF? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR All ma playas jumping off the bus during championship week:/
  9. All the stars are lining up for this guy with the injuries amongst the Pacers Bigs at the right time, playoff time! He's definitely a hold for tomorrow's game and an easy drop if he faulters. If he has another good game beside Sabonis, you've got yourself a gem sportsfans!
  10. There is an age-old expression called "wait and see." Hopefully Sabonis gets back on the floor tonight and we see how many minutes Oshea gets and how much production.
  11. Thank you for your service young man and for saving my season, godspeed!
  12. Yessir! Also 5 games for the Pistons next week, uh huh
  13. I love DD's! And I like them in fantasy hoops too
  14. 100% game-changer is right, effed me good last night.... ZERO points last night, ZERO -- great job kid! Sorry for believing in you smh:/
  15. Tatum and Sabonis to play, I'm dying
  16. Barton was the bag of cement holding Porter's hot air balloon down, free at last! I don't even own the guy but I love watching him play, glad Gordon knows his place/role as well, the team is gellin' like a felon, I'm cheering for a Bucks/Nuggets Finals, that would be sweet
  17. Dozier it is sportsfans, again RUN don't walk, you are welcome
  18. FYI the Pacers only play 3 games next week
  19. Looks like Goodwin is going to have more fantasy value going forward even though Lou is the better , more experienced player. I can not stand Barton, I don't understand how he still has a job on an NBA team. He's out now and I grabbed Dozier but keeping my eyes on Austin Rivers tonight
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