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  1. 2 hours ago, squidthunder said:

    Got Beef-Stew, McDaniels, Coby White ready to help me. Now if Porzingis can come back for 2 of these last few games, I'd be happy

    You'll be even happier if Stew mans up and doesn't play like a lil bish tonight.  He was a hard hold for me after last game but he should be able to perform well tonight vs. the Grizzly Bears, fingers crossed

  2. ^^Gee whiz, same thing tonight smh:/

    It is 100% pure torture watching this kid throw up brick after dud after air-ball (0-8 right now) while doing nothing else to contribute or compensate; he is single-handedly destroying the hard work of all my other players who are trying to efffing WIN during championship week, I've never wanted to kick another man in the ballsack so badly HFS!!!!!!  I can't watch anymore grrrr

  3. All the stars are lining up for this guy with the injuries amongst the Pacers Bigs at the right time, playoff time!  He's definitely a hold for tomorrow's game and an easy drop if he faulters.  If he has another good game beside Sabonis, you've got yourself a gem sportsfans!

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  4. 5 hours ago, LarryDavid said:

    What’s the chances this dude remains own-able once Sabonis is back? Is Myles Turner remaining out enough?

    There is an age-old expression called "wait and see."  Hopefully Sabonis gets back on the floor tonight and we see how many minutes Oshea gets and how much production.

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