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  1. Going over his minor/major league career so far, why SO few IP? Injuries?
  2. you are a hall of famer asking if ian kennedy is the closer? apologize to yourself, KC is royally FUBAR this year
  3. Right, until his arm falls off. Cheap bastards need to pony up for a real closer if they want to make a serious run in the playoffs while saving Darth Hader in the process.
  4. ikr? tough it out and play big boy, it's April, we need to win games now at any cost! so stupid
  5. Right on brother! What the heck are the Brewers thinking? Don't they know that you picked up Jeffress in March and held onto him this whole time fully expecting him to close games? Him and Tyler Thornburg were a force back in 2016 and the dude racked up 15 saves last year!!! This is a top-200 arm in all of baseball and Counsell doesn't have a clue how to utilize him, pathetic!
  6. Right. Seems like a waste of breath discussing the matter. You see folks, Carlos Martinez is a SP, he wants to win games not save them.
  7. Wow, you know your stuff, do you have a blog I can subscribe to?
  8. So y'all are saying this dude sucked for 9 games, lots of whiffs and still hitting .310?? See ya Aggy, I'm hopping aboard the Goldy-lite train, kudos to whoever named him that lol sounds like a beer I can drink all day long, choo choo!!
  9. True story. Felt good to liberate myself from this 1-year wonder and move on waste of a draft pick:/
  10. Yup....nice recovery striking out the next 3 betters after serving up the HR to Dozier tonight. Hopefully DonMat gets the axe soon, he should be a batting coach and nothing more:/
  11. Well that settles it, Burdi it is! Basically even peripherals as Anderson, sicker stuff, on a much better team, will vulture W's, rack up K's and keep the throne warm in case anything happens to Vazquez. Godspeed.
  12. I know the Marlins suck but if this guy gets one save (tonight??) he will be the most added player in quite some time, C'MON BABY make it a good friday!
  13. Brother, I feel your pain and don't blame you one bit for dropping, I am in the same boat and cringe every day watching the Brew Crew roll and having their 2 worst players on my team (Aguilar/Shaw). As Grey from Razzball calls it -- the ticker-tease: I'll see the Brewers win 8-2, go check my lineup to see those two bozos 1/9 and goose eggs, this is the painful/mental part of fantasy baseball, I look at the calendar and see that it's only April 19th, may the good Lord bless us all for our excruciating patience. The low K's and contact give me tenuous hope.
  14. This guy's a sad-sack chump loser throwing batting practice. No heart, no will to win. It's Touki Time boyz, buy shares NOW
  15. You're killing me Shaws!!! Take a pitch every once in a while I don't think you've been ahead in the count ONCE this season grrrrr
  16. That "Stop Trying To Make Pivetta Happen" post made me laugh. I hate myself for believing in him and giving him another chance. Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore." Oh well, there's always next week:/
  17. Way to BLOW Eeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!! You just blew your chance at GLORY! Sorry for believing in you:/
  18. Let's GO Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Year of our lord 2019 working on AI and robots shooting 3-pointers from the arc, yet no news yet from an xray on a ballplayer's hand?
  20. This is the Kimbrel thread homie and the Brew Crew have a guy named Corey Feldman Haim Hader as Plan B Kimbrel will be a Chicago Cub this year, book it! 48 saves 103Ks 1.06/,067
  21. I would never trade Arenado. 2nd trade I would do but maybe throw in one of your SP and get a better pitcher than velasquez
  22. i agree with everybody here, i would've sprained my finger clicking accept, i like pax a lot but an everyday bat that you don't have to worry about is invaluable GL
  23. Goldy side all day, you are getting rid of a bum pitcher and an under-performing rizzo plus torres hit's at the bottom of the order and playing above his head, not a keeper so i would pull the trigger GL
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