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  1. Well I'm starting him vs Cleveland today and hoping that the Sox can score some runs against the Tribe. I know the Sox stink but it's a division game and Dylan has been dealing and shows no fear no matter who the opponent is....Go Sox!!!
  2. Trying to pick one for a weekly league, the expert projections favor Edwin but do I put my faith in Jesus? Also, who do you want in this trade...Scooter or Murphy/Turner? Seems to me Scooter is having another great year and the other 2 guys could go back on the DL at any time TYIA
  3. El Duque! Bags jammed no outs and allowed no runs vs Boston, that was epic! Sorry, carry on about how Rondon is the new closer in Houston LOLOLOL
  4. Blake parker has runers at the corners 1 out 2-1 halos top of 9....cmon blake....beltre at bat
  5. Don't listen to em' JMac, I hope you grabbed JD like your gut told you
  6. They don't. Swing away kid.
  7. God I hate FBB, thanks for single-handedly destroting me this week Heinously, why couldn't you be on the other guys team???
  8. First of all, that is a beautiful portrait of Mengden Division Vision! Second, I agree with the Mikolas comparison, they are both crafty pitchers and keep their composure after allowing hits/runs, not that many more K's by Mikolas and very similar ratios/wins/QS & team records Third, I wish I could grow out my stache like either one of them but the warden makes me shave twice a week
  9. Jace Fry locks it down for the Sox great movement on his pitches faced 2 lefties
  10. Ok inning over, Vizzy coming in for the Cubs rally
  11. Unfrigging real another bases loaded walk 4-1 Braves get an out sCrUBS!!!!
  12. Vizcaino warming up bottom 8 2-1 Braves runners at the corners 1 out, how about a double play. I want the Cubs to break him
  13. Got is he awful. I don't have him but I really don't see a lot of other viable options in that bullpen so I agree with the person that said at least his job is safe in a division where every team is under .500, you heard me, that is a sad fact
  14. Zobrist knocks in one more run 3-2 cubs top of 9 2 outs runner on 1B Vizcaino still in
  15. Vizcaino ties it in the ninth double/double here's hoping Morrow gets the save now, one more run Cubs c'mon
  16. This is ridiculous. 10 mins before the night games lock on DK and not one word on the entire frigging internet whether this guy is playing or not, trust me I looked.
  17. Is there anything worse from a fantasy perspective than when your starting RB, with an injury you don't know the extent of, is going to "give it a go?" Just a hunch, but after watching Tarik last week (Bears fan here) I just don't see how he can NOT put up RB2 numbers easily this week So, in a nutshell, both Tarik & Jordan put up RB2 numbers today with a slight edge to Tarik 15-12
  18. Right on brother, it's fun to own every player in the league
  19. I'm going to do this, i'm sure Beast Mode wants to do well week 1 and the Raiders want him to score at least once, thanks for the help fellas
  20. Going Howard/Hunt at RB with Ajayi not playing this week and Cooper/Pryor at WR 1 flex spot for Lynch/Bryant/Sanders/Garcon or Hogan Thinking Lynch or Bryant, thoughts?
  21. Did you draft Cam to put on the bench? Start Cam duh!
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