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  1. Man, you should've drafted a RB earlier, plenty of WRs to go around later. Your team is pretty mediocre. Why is Melvin Gordon on your bench?
  2. I just want to state for the record that I love Jamaal Charles and think he will get you decent RB2 numbers ALL year kind of like Tevin Coleman The man is only 30.....more miles on him than a Havanna taxi cab but still got some gas left in the tank. Word.
  3. Amen! Don't waste your pick on this guy like CAR did. Rookies in general are unproven wild cards, especially scrawny white RBs, this ain't college anymore little boy, BUST of the year, you heard it here first sportsfans!
  4. OMG why can't I DROP this BUM on ESPN? Why is he on the "can't drop" list??? This is pure torture!!!!!!! And, of course, ESPN hasn't gotten back to me with a plausible explanation:/
  5. ^^^Right, I'm just hoping for some solid contact, be happy with a double tonite
  6. I just wanted to say thanks for running such an awesome website and awesome discussion forums for all walks of life who love sports, their teams and their fantasy teams, especially baseball, the great sport ever created! I love the input, speculation, banter, needling and surfing the wave of upcoming talent and projections, I would be lost in my leagues without it. You respect our 1A rights and squash out the fools' posts who don't respect the guidelines when need be without having to be the Gestapo about it. I know a lot of you don't get paid for your contributions on here and have to be d
  7. Mad Max will be treated with kid gloves the rest of the year until the playoffs, think Kevin Durant Nobody's catching the Nats
  8. Started and put $100 on the Braves to win 160, why not? What are the Dodgers this month? Like 23-3 or something? They are DUE for a loss lol! And I'm not scared of Maeda either. I need Lucas to hold his own and the Braves offense to put up a crooked number on the scoreboard. I like my chances tonight, we shall see sportsfans...
  9. This is ridiculous, SEND him DOWN, he can't hang with the big boys, he needs more seasoning in the minors
  10. About to have a meeting with the Mets brass...
  11. Just kidding melvin. I've got Smoak and EE so I might just try shipping weird pretty boy for an ace if he keeps this up.....2 weeks ago he was Vottomatic, come back Vottomatic!!!! Maybe I got that from Razzball? GL
  12. IKR? Buncha drama queens up in here. I blame mevins who didn't draft nor believe in Votto in the Spring like the rest of us did but, rather, traded for him because of the spectacular season he is having and now whines because Joey is "weird" and in a rut and hurting his team.....waaahhh!!!!
  13. I think that's funny even though you sound a little bitter. Hell, I'd rather be playing baseball in Single-A and riding a bus to every mud town in the Southeast than actually having to "work" for a living. Saw this and thought I'd share. Plus, I'm back on Imgur these days (they sucked me back in) and I wanted to honor a good Christian man like Tim by putting him back on the front page hah:) From 24/7sports....4 hours ago: Tim Tebow continues to prove people (like FJZ12) wrong. On Sunday, Tebow's St. Lucie Mets were visiting the Florida Fire Frogs — in a series in whi
  14. This kid looks like a man who can play with the Big Boys. I'm thinking Abreu-lite at 3B ROS, hopefully he gets better with his glove and doesn't commit too many errors. Should be fun to watch. Not saying Moncada isn't a talent but I go with the guy who hits for power & average over the guy who steals bases and eats a bunch of Twinkies any day of the week.
  15. BOSTON with Devers... CHICAGO with Moncada
  16. For leagues with triples as categories, this guy delivered for you
  17. Yep, you heard right. The trade deadline is July 31, every year Patience young grasshopper
  18. Wow that's crazy. My 12-team h2h only has 25-man rosters, you must have double the fun.
  19. Wow that's crazy..........you still own Odor?
  20. I say don't let anybody laugh at your dreams. And bump up the bags total
  21. Update: 5 for 42 last 11 games, 1 run and......and........... That's it???? 1 run??????????
  22. I agree. He is a streamer at this point depending on the matchup. He's been passed around like a doobie in my league
  23. Snakes are a pretty good team, I'm happy with the result, I'm sure Dusty is too as well though he probably had to chew some extra toothpicks in the dugout tonight
  24. ESPN sure taking it's sweet time to credit Doolittle with the save.....it was a save right?
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