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  1. Doo Doo head get's 'er done, phew! He's gonna keep us on pins and needles sportsfans
  2. No worries. I should've cited his post, it was pretty funny, to me anyway, because it's true. TEX STL & WASH been nothing short of maddening for closer vultures this year lol... Big Bat Theory No Rosenthal won't end up the StL closer. Not long term anyway. He always finds a way to mess himself up. (He must also lead these closer threads in predictions at his promotion each and every single month this season. We are up to the boy who cried wolf status on him at this point). Whatever he has recently "fixed" in his delivery will go all wonky within weeks. It always doe
  3. That's exactly what Big Bat Theory said 9 pages ago
  4. Oh, you'll see big guy, you'll see soon enough. Clippard is a big league closer and I'm a porn star
  5. So why hold them lol? To torture yourself? go grab Swarzak and call it a day
  6. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! I love that one guy who was like Rosenthal is the closer, you heard it hear first!!! People are so stupid and irrational when it come to FBB, I love it! Arrow and Big Bat theory, I like reading these dudes
  7. Dear Mets Brass, I hate you all. This is torture, call the kid up already!!! You have the worst MIs in baseball led by a guy who beat up his wife, time to change your image You have a guy who can do that instantly and put fans in the seats, C'mon!!!!
  8. Buck says let's pray Britton gets a clean save so we can trade his a**
  9. There's my negative Nancy........Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Wish fantasy managers could appreciate the awesome players they have and not whine about them. I'm just happy Chief Broken Face is digging in and not showing any fear at the plate. Of course, the face-mask probably helps
  10. You mean best Braves player ever behind Hank Aaron and Chipper Jones...yeah, yeah, yeah, and ALL those pitchers too
  11. Right on brother, good luck! We get penalized for K's in my league so he's not a very attractive option when you have J.Turner & Altuve but I hope he does well being a Sox fan
  12. It doesn't matter when he hits 20 bombs and steals 30 bags before the end of the year #sarcasm Don't get me wrong, I love the kid and can't wait to see how he develops but he's not quite Carlos Beltran on the Royals just yet. There will be lots of growing pains involved. They need to rename these "outlook" threads, "stroke" threads:)
  13. There are actually these things called redraft leagues that don't go 3 years out into the future, where you don't have 40-man rosters and keep twenty of them. So boring and pedestrian I know, we are not on your level but still manage to have fun playing
  14. Agreed. Let the learning process begin. So happy I don't have to look at Todd Frazier's ugly mug any more
  15. I know man, people are the worst. The guy above drooling about his physical tool shed needs to go rub one out to his Moncada fathead poster. I know you're all excited and have your pom poms out but temper your expectation boys. Yoan is still a young Jedi and lacks plate discipline, will strike out a ton no doubt. Davidson should be manning 3B tonight, Yoan at 2B, Timmy at SS and Jose at 1B, Sox farm looking strong now! I'm excited but if you think Yoan's gonna put your fantasy team on his back and carry you to a title you need to get a grip. Go Sox!
  16. the same 13K yahooers who picked up Devers last week, they know not what they do, they just follow everybody else
  17. LOL, ok guy. This just happened 15 minutes ago. They are saying it's a jammed thumb. It's wait and chill time, you must chill just like they are chilling Correa's hand right now
  18. Wow, Cespedes swings on 3-0 and ends the game in a DP
  19. Cecil out there throwing BP, I love it!
  20. Good to see Avi have a BIG day after a crappy month, let's keep it going!!!
  21. Then we all speculate some more. And if he strikes out 3 times we will still speculate! Nothing worse than aging veterans holding up the progress of a rising fantasy star:/
  22. He was probably partying hard during the break, popping bottles of Cristal, choking his old lady and shooting his gun into the air. All these activities involve different hand muscles and arm motions than throwing a baseball. He'll be fine, just needs to shake off the rust and get a few innings under his belt. Buncha worryworts up in here.
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