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  1. Just call the front office and ask them, that's what I do. Screw this thread, go right to the source
  2. Reynolds is a cutter, plain & simple, you all missed your chance to sell high. This is the David Dahl thread. I like this young buck, I hope he picks up where he left off last year. GL to all who own him
  3. As you are sitting at work today, here is a visual of what 28 million dollars looks like. One of them gets to have fun playing in the minors with no pressure whatsoever and the other one doesn't have to "work" anymore while collecting 36 million dollars over the next 2 years. Way to go Boston!
  4. Why not just make it 20DL spots per team? that way you can stash every good player who is hurt and show everybody how smart you are at fantasy baseball. you people are ridiculous, 2 DL spots is plenty
  5. God what an idiot! You should be in charge angry fantasy guru lol
  6. Young Jedi Faria is going to get lit up like a Christmas tree tonight, I hope not though, I'm starting him, BOOM! Maybe Sale'll have an off night
  7. Thanks. Looks like Javvy was pointing at the bag saying look out hombre!
  8. Thought Fantasy Baseball Talk was for players in Major League Baseball?
  9. Machado is a little punk with a big mouth and a crappy attitude, I never liked the guy. Sorry he isn't getting it done for your fantasy baseball squads this year and that you wasted a high pick on him but I for one am enjoying watching him have a dismal season at the plate. There are more important attributes in Life than being good at baseball, he has a lot of growing up to do. I look forward to the day when his wife divorces him, gets half of his money, runs off with another player and he is stuck with that god-awful tattoo of her face on his arm.
  10. Man dude, that's harsh, borderline blaspheme speaking about Bartolo in that manner. So he has a bit of a weight problem, I need to shed 4-5 lbs myself. I remember meeting him when he played for the White Sox and shaking his hand, firm grip and I told him that I was elated that he was on the Sox and how it was nice to have a pitcher of his caliber on the squad.....he didn't understand a word I was saying but he knew I was being complimentary and he smiled and nodded his head politely. I actually thought he was washed up then and was just trying to be nice but here we are 7 years and 82 wins
  11. You boys are nitpicking and trying desperately to find glimmers of hope. Let me spell it out for you sportsfans: this ain't the season of The Don. Sorry to break your hearts but there it is. This guy's got more problems than a stripper. I personally think that bringing over that china doll jinx named Tulo came with some bad juju and it's rubbing off on The Don himself. He's still a big-time name though and you can probably get a great pitcher or OF for him at this point but the window is closing fast sportsfans, I bet he goes back on the DL soon. In the words of Kenny Rogers, "You got to
  12. Y'all can thank me -- I slaughtered & sacrificed my pet lamb Jacob on Opening Day. I spent the whole day watching baseball and drinking a case of Coors light by myself while spit-roasting Jacob for 4 hours with some salt, pepper, oregano, thyme and lemon. He was delicious! Afterwards, I threw in a 3-finger chew and offered the leftovers to the Fantasy Baseball Gods It worked! And, no, I don't live on a farm. Keep it up the good job Lamchop!!!
  13. I am starting with confidence, the Nats stink;) He is in all my DK and FD lineups as well And yes, I am cray cray I've see Strasberg get lit up a few times before and the Reds can hit, just have to get to him early and get him out of the game in like the 5th Let's Go Lu Dawg you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off to go munch on something...
  14. I agree with Eflo....Maddon's hubris in making Schwarbs a leadoff hitter screwed the kid up this year....plus he can't hit either:/ Now can we please move this thread to the minor league discussion forum? I don't wish to see Schwarber's name any more, he effed me good.
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