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  1. Parker, Boxberger and Newcomb should be your droppables and between those guys I'd ditch Boxberger 1st, Parker 2nd and Newcomb last. Beckham in my honest opinion is a great keeper with 85/25-30/90/15 potential and at the shortstop position, that's pure gold. Best of luck to you.
  2. I'll take the blame for those of us who started him. My bad guys.
  3. Does anyone else get a stroke watching him pitch, it is literally the most painful thing to watch when he tries to get guys to chase on pitches way out of the zone. The talent is there, no doubt, he just needs to throw strikes, he can get away with pitches right down the middle anyways because his velo is always 95-99+ consistently. Just throw strikes kid and the rest will sort itself out. They don't really ever chase his offspeed stuff because it normally always starts outside and trails outside. I'm so high on this guy and I've always grabbed him when he g
  4. Just. Dingers. Martinez is going to hit at least 2-4 more dongs this week, he's scorching hot right now, and when you fight with fire too long you're gonna get burned!
  5. Well Donaldson has the same hr potential of guys like Arenado and Harper and he hovers around .270-.300 when healthy. So if he had SS eligibility, he'd have the best value by far of any position player. Definitely top 3.
  6. It's between him and Machado. I think Manny loses eligibility there next year though.
  7. Okay then tell me what other shortstop that has his power?
  8. Comes back and dominates with a 1-2-3 inning and throwing 95-98 consistently. I love it.
  9. If anyone saw his last inning, I think that was his season long frustrations all coming out. You're a star in the making Carlos, give us 5-6 more innings of domination and all will be forgiven. Given that he always does that after getting scratched by a couple runs in the first innings, super volatile but I love it. He threw 100 on the dot and struck out Eric Thames, I'd hate to be the Brewers facing him right now.
  10. We are witnessing the birth of the best power hitter in MLB history.
  11. Best hitter on planet Earth when healthy, and he's putting on a show. This guy absolutely loves the big moment and spotlight.
  12. 3 solid If not phenomenal back to back to back outings from the former No.1 pitching prospect. The most talent you'll find on the waiver wire folks, don't be that guy late to the train.
  13. He has a higher ops then he had last year man.
  14. If he can dominate the Astros and Sox, you bet he can dominate the Dodgers.
  15. That should be illegal. He would hit the longest homeruns ever to be mashed over there...
  16. Lol he dominated the Rockies and I dropped him because I thought he'd be a streamer, but after that performance I might have to use my #1 waiver on this guy and hope he goes on a hot streak. This outing must've done miracles on his confidence.
  17. At this pace? I give him an optimistic 65 if he keeps this up, 55 minimum.
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