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  1. Top 15-20 is a little high in my opinion. I would go closer to 25-35 depending on format. Still a solid bat though. *if he gets traded to a better team, top 15-20 would be entirely doable
  2. P.S. -- your snarky "homer crowd" comment was somewhat offensive to me as a baseball fan, otherwise I would never have started this convo. I'm done with this.
  3. Does JD play RF? No, JD does not play RF. Do the other guys play RF? No, they do not. That's why I originally posted in the Nick Markakis thread about Adam Duvall, not the Josh Donaldson thread or anyone else on the Braves for that matter. I asked was if there was a chance Duvall could get called up. That's why your example of Josh Donaldson confuses me and quite frankly, sucks. You should be comparing Markakis and Duvall, not Markakis and Donaldson. You could also compare Riley and Duvall, since Duvall used to be a LFer. Tell me why it's better to have Markakis in the middle of the
  4. Donaldson had a bad slump in May. So how is what you said even relevant? I just don't think that Markakis's .275 avg or whatever it is would be better than Adam Duvall crushing balls in the middle of the lineup. But we'll probably never know, so it's a moot point. If Duvall gets called up and sucks, then fine, but not even giving him a chance is stupid when he's leading AAA in HR and RBI with a respectable average just because Markakis has been put in a good position in the lineup (after Freeman, before Riley/Albies). Also, did you really think I was serious about him having dirt on
  5. I'm sitting Paddack @ LA. edit -- I'm not in a points league though. Scared of ratio blow up.
  6. Puig just missed HR #2 off the top of the wall. Double.
  7. That's too bad. They're wasting Duvall's bat in AAA.They should at least trade him for something. Markakis must have some incriminating photos of Snitker hidden away somewhere.
  8. Don't know what you're going on about. Did you read the part where I said I don't want to read to much into it? I thought I was clear in saying I wasn't trying to base anything off those games by themselves. Anyway, 4 earned runs in 5 IP is not a "couple".
  9. Caleb's two AA rehab starts. Don't know how much of this was him just working on stuff in that 2nd game, so don't want to read too much into it, but just based on this, 1st game back, and the matchup, I'm sitting. Kudos to anyone bravely trotting him out there.
  10. For me, this is a coin flip between McCann and Sisco, with a slight lean towards Sisco. I really like what McCann has done so far. That being said, he's got a .405 babip. You'd have to think that's going to normalize at some point, and when it does, his average will drop too, we just don't know to what though. For Sisco. the RF wall at Camden Yards is a measly 318 feet from home plate and Sisco pulls the ball 54% of the time with a 42% FB rate. That's going to lead to some easy home runs. I doubt he will bat lower than 5th ROS. There are at least 4 other guys in the Baltimore lineup
  11. What's happening in Atlanta? Adam Duvall is leading the International League in HR (25) and RBI (68) now with a .255 average and .340 OBP in 78 games. He has also been playing RF. Any chance they give Duvall a call up or no?
  12. Motivated as all holy hell because John Means was chosen over him to be the lone Orioles All Star rep?
  13. Who knows. I'm guessing the 1st thing that needs to happen is he needs to hit. Besides that, a problem I see is that Choi's out of options so when he gets off the 10 day IL, they can't send him down. Releasing him probably wouldn't go over well either, since he's been their 1B basically all season. Maybe Wendle could be sent down? But his glove is so versatile, they might not even consider it. Probably one of Lowe or Brosseau gets sent back down, whoever's doing worse at the time, or maybe both, when Choi and Brandon Lowe get back. Lowe's a good spec pick up just in case though,
  14. Just smacked his 1st MLB ding dong. Please let him stay up this time, Rays.
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