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  1. I'm out on Cespedes too, but I don't see them as similar. Leon had way better stats in the same league, got twice the signing bonus, and just seems like a more exciting talent based on everything I've read. I might be way off on that but I'm willing to gamble on him.
  2. Pedro Leon, OF, HOU Cuban who recently signed with the Astros for $4M. As a 20-year-old, hit .383/.467/.789 with 15 HR and 7 SB in just 33 games in the Cuban National Series. It's a very small sample in a foreign league, but CNS is supposedly about High-A level, and looking at other Cuban hitter stats there, his are more comparable with Luis Robert than busts like Rusney Castillo or Victor Victor Mesa. Astros have raved that all 5 tools are plus as well as his makeup, and said they want to fast track him to the bigs, where only Myles Straw currently stands between him and the starting CF
  3. Crochet and it isn’t close. The success rate for pitchers drafted in the first round out of high school is terrible. Even the good ones usually take 6-7 years to start producing in the majors, and by then the dynasty manager who took them in their FYPD dropped them when they had TJ or an awful MLB debut season. Take the guy in the bigs right now.
  4. No DH hurts him. He was mostly a DH last year and isn't really known for his glove. He's a good enough hitter vs. R that he plays anyway, but vs. L maybe not.
  5. The team control/arbitration system is at the root of all this. Right now players make basically league minimum for their first 3 years no matter how good they are, and then arbitration salaries are usually fairly reasonable. With service time manipulation, it's usually seven years before they see free agency. For most players, that's most of their career gone. Then they're 30 and nobody wants to give them a long-term deal. If you're the Rays or Dodgers, and you draft, scout and develop talent really well, you can build a solid team with just cheap homegrown talent. Mid-level free agents
  6. Yeah, he'll have 5/164 left for his age 31-35 seasons. Doubt he would get that on the open market. St. Louis is a good organization and most of the NL Central is rebuilding. The only reason he might have opted out is to get the hell out of Colorado. But he probably wasn't even going to do that - otherwise the Rockies wouldn't be paying $50M to make him go away.
  7. I don't think Adames changes positions. His value comes mostly from his glove at SS. I envision Wander in the Bregman/Machado role of stud 3B/backup SS. Arenado would be fun, but taking on the 6/191 he's got left on his contract is not how the Rays roll.
  8. I’ll play devil’s advocate... Snell has a career 4.97 ERA third time through the order. Even in his 2018 Cy Young year, he had a 3.89 third-trip ERA. It’s far from guaranteed he can get through the best lineup in baseball again. The Dodgers are loaded and were probably going to score eventually regardless of who was on the mound for TB. People love to criticize Cash and the Rays’ methods, but they had the best record in the AL and reached the World Series on a shoestring budget with a bunch of castoff players. They’re getting their decisions right a lot more than most teams.
  9. Platooning Wander Franco would be dumb for the Rays because it would hurt the trade value of a player they're inevitably going to trade. There's no way Tampa's giving 9-digit contracts to anyone, and they sure as hell won't let Wander walk for free. They may not even want to pay his arbitration salary. Big-market teams would pay an enormous prospect price for an elite switch-hitting shortstop with arb years remaining. But if he can't hit MLB lefties because he never faces them, the return would be far less. The Rays will play Wander every day through his team control years, enjoy the
  10. There's a pretty high potential ceiling where he hits 30 HR and steals 20+ bases, but I think it's a longshot. As mentioned above, the HR/FB of 46.7% is totally unsustainable. His .496 xSLG is a more realistic idea of his power potential. Still pretty good, but not amazing. His numbers vs. righties weren't bad overall, but he struck out 37.7% of the time against them, and he plays for the platoon-happy Rays. They already have crazy depth at the MLB level, with several high-end switch and lefty bats likely to debut next season. Plus you never know when they'll go trade for another guy
  11. Gimenez is a better defender than Rosario, so he’s probably the SS going forward. There’s been talk of Amed moving to CF this season and last. Don’t love Gimenez as a hitter, his MiLB numbers just ok and Statcast data not real impressive. I think he’s most likely a .280, 10-15 HR, 20+ SB kind of guy, useful but nothing special. Maybe he has a power surge at some point but I wouldn’t bank on it.
  12. Every anti-DH argument I hear always revolves around the word "should". Pitchers should have to hit, hitters should have to field, that's the way the game should be played, etc. Are there actually arguments that no DH makes the game better/more entertaining? The DH prolongs careers of great hitters, makes fantasy baseball more fun, helps SP to go deeper into games, eliminates the rally-killing intentional walk to the 8th batter with the .600 OPS, and so on. Also, why are the anti-DH folks also against the 3-batter minimum? It reduces specialization too. Is it that it doesn't go far e
  13. Quietly having a breakout season, slashing .319/.372/.560. Started the year 0-for-17 which kept his overall line down, but has been raking pretty consistently since then. His game isn't super roto-friendly and Detroit's not the greatest offensive environment. Also his .398 BABIP isn't sustainable and his K/BB leaves a little to be desired. Still, he was a moderately hyped prospect at one point and his average exit velocity is way up. Feels like he should at least be rostered in most leagues and have a thread here. Could be a helpful pickup down the stretch.
  14. I don't think so. He had two straight good outings before tonight. San Diego leads MLB in runs per game and he cruised through 4 IP before it went wrong. Not the breakout season many were hoping for (yet), but I doubt there's better available on most wires.
  15. The Padres gave up Franmil Reyes and more to get Trammell last summer. Now they throw him away like this? Way to buy high and sell low. Nice deal for Seattle. Trammell has easily the most upside, France could be an everyday player, and though Munoz is hurt, he's 21 and throws 100+ MPH.
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