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  1. I’m not worried about the lack of walks. Last year pitchers could just blow fastballs in the zone past him, so he’s getting to see lots of hittable stuff. The scouting reports will catch on to his improvements pretty quickly and they’ll start being more cautious.
  2. Corbin's problem is that he's never had a deep, versatile arsenal. There are guys like Zack Greinke who age well because they throw five pitches effectively and can make subtle tweaks to their pitch mix when something stops working. That's not Corbin. His success in 2018 and 2019 came from throwing his unhittable slider 40% of the time. Now that slider has lost about 3 MPH of velo and 200 RPM of spin rate. Can he get that back? Maybe. Seems unlikely at 31. Can he improve his other pitches and reinvent himself? Maybe. But I'm not sure there's enough upside in that version to waste a roster
  3. As far as Corbin's future upside - I think the ace from 2018/19 who lived off his unhittable slider is gone. He doesn't have the fastball velocity or the slider movement to pull that off anymore. I think he can reinvent himself as a junkballing multi-pitch lefty, but do you really want to hold him and risk more outings like tonight in hopes that he becomes Mark Buehrle or Marco Gonzales?
  4. Maybe they asked the Diamondbacks to throw at him in hopes of getting out from under that big contract?
  5. Both Montero and Graveman were unavailable after pitching game one. Middleton was just the best of what they had left, probably not a significant factor in the closer discussion.
  6. I wouldn't call his appearance today "easier" by any stretch. It was the 5th inning of a 7-inning game. Score tied and bases loaded, so really high leverage. A fireman-type situation where I'd want my best available reliever to come in.
  7. Luzardo’s first two starts didn’t bother me. Faced two loaded lineups, gave up some runs but still had a lot of strikeouts. Thought he’d be better today. Obviously not.
  8. He’s back! 😆 Pretty standard for Gallen. He likes to get ahead and then nibble. When it works, he dominates. When it doesn’t, he walks too many but still usually manages to squirm his way out of trouble.
  9. I guess I'm more concerned from a dynasty perspective. He's not looking like the "unicorn" the White Sox were bragging about in spring training. Guys who sit around 96 with a plus slider and mediocre command aren't that rare. But that's still a pretty solid profile for a reliever, and if you were able to snag him cheap in a redraft league for some strikeouts and holds you should get a pretty good return on your investment.
  10. I'm not liking what I'm seeing at all. Fastball velocity down almost 4 MPH from last season.
  11. Probably not this time, but Paddack is working really hard to create another opening in the Padres’ rotation, and that might be Gore’s chance.
  12. Chris Paddack hasn’t figured out his fastball yet Good analysis from Fangraphs of his spin/movement problems.
  13. At Texas today, at Pittsburgh in 5 days. Two favorable matchups can hopefully get him going. If not, could be a long year.
  14. Walks very little? He was 17th in all of MLB in walks last season. 13.9% BB rate. He gets a decent boost in OBP leagues. Close to 90 RBI? He had 91 in 2019 despite missing a month. Prorate his 2019 and 2020 numbers over a full season and he easily clears 100 RBI in both. The idea of dropping him after one week is just absurd.
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