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  1. Guy is looking like a top 3 shooting guard lately. In general tho everyone on this magic team is hot.
  2. Meh. I would get him in deep leagues with 14 or more teams but otherwise could be left on free agency. He is a servicble mercenary where if you are adding and dropping guys game to games he can be picked up and drop but I don't think he warrants a permennant roster spot.
  3. Guys Harris and TJ Warren are steals. Get them late in the draft. When both guys will offer about mid round value. Get them while they are not a hot topic!
  4. Joes Ingles can be an all around kind of guy. Even tho he is starting his minutes will still likely be in the 22 to 28 mins a game range depending on the night. The jazz have a ton of depth this year. Anyone thats not Rubio, Gobert will probably not see 30 plus minutes consistently. Rodney will come in close with 28-29 mins a game but there good depth there too with Alec Burks, and Donovan Mitchell also getting burn. Then you got Thabo Sefelosha who will get minutes because thats the reason he agreed to join the team is to have a "bigger role". Iso Joe will also get h
  5. Meh I had Noel and i was excited too. But the more research I do. The more I look into the stats the less excited I become. If you are looking for a solid center which is probably the most of what Noel will probably do this season, then take someone like Dweyne Dedmon on the hawks. Dweyne dedmon in his prime getting very good minutes and can gaunrentee solid stats with sleeper potential. Also lets not forget Noels injury issues.
  6. Miami Heat with good depth. looks like all the players from Tyler Johnson, Dion Waiters, Mcgruder, Winslow, and even possibly Wayne Ellignton might see some mintues at both the 2 and 3. So i expect a time share of all these players to hurt all their fantasy value. Josh Richardson to get minutes from 22 to 28 varying on games.
  7. he is definitely a top pick in the later rounds where people are not really paying attention.
  8. its great that you can name a bunch of bench scrubs. Beasley is better than all those players you named by quite a bit. Beasly averaged 10 points and 4 boards on 17 minutes last year. 41% from 3 and 53% from the field. Lance Thomas averaged 6 points and 3 boards on 21 minutes. Mcdermot averaged 10 points and 3 boards on 22 minutes. Kuzmika is a question mark. No way he averages 15 points is a crazy statement when the year before last he averaged 13 points with only 18 minutes a game. Beasly holds really good value,
  9. Rebounding numbers might drop slightly for obvious reasons. We will wait and see.
  10. Rodney mcgruder is not better. The dilemma comes in with Josh rishardson. They might start waiters at the two and Richardson at the three. But because of the defense and utility Winslow provides it looks like waiters or Richardson will be six man.
  11. He will definitely be getting at least 20 plus minutes. Coach has talked starting Courtney Lee and Tim together. But at the back up two and three maybe the four sometimes he can garner 20 mins to 24 mins a game.
  12. Will probably get a lot of minutes shown a lot of versatility but bad shooting percentage in the time he played last year. Don't know what to fully expect of him this year. Thoughts?
  13. No doubt melo is a good player and will improve the thunder. But for fantasy, he edging on to 34 and his main attribute is scoring when he was the first option in new york. He will decrease a little in that but overall help the Thunder. Not worth a 2 or 3rd round pick in fantasy thats just setting yourself up badly. Yes i understand the hype is there but lets come back to reality, melos numbers will decline slightly this year.
  14. Save your sixth round pick on this one. There are just way better options around that pick and picking THJ on a chance that he ended the season good is too risky. Not only that he will probably drop to the 8-10th round in most leagues anyway might as well save your 6th pick for something secured and pick him later if you really want him.
  15. I think he will have a solid season due to more playing time. But I don't see breakout potential with him We all know in fantasy it's those guys you draft late or pick up off waivers that comes out of no where and I just don't see Murray being that guy. Nonetheless he is servicble late pick.
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