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  1. That didn’t stop Goodell from suspending Ezekiel Elliott in 2017.....He’ll Zeke didn’t even have any civil charges
  2. Not sure where you are from, but you can quit one job to take the same spot at a competitor in the VAST majority of professions/industries in the US.
  3. By waiting for as long as possible, several teams will draft a new an and others will invest in other free agents, limiting the teams bidding up the price for Watson. And if they wait until after the 2021 draft, it is another year they need to wait for the draft picks to start the rebuild. If they are going to trade him, the best value will come before this year’s draft.
  4. I honestly don’t understand why Houston wouldn’t trade him if they get an acceptable offer. Exhausted BOB already got rid of so many draft picks, they will continue to be terrible with or without Watson. With the current roster and no draft picks, they can keep Watson and hope to go 8 and 8 (if they catch lightening in a bottle) or they can get a good haul for Watson now and get a jump on rebuilding. I understand a qb this good doesn’t come around often, but forcing a disgruntled player to stay when you have no reasonable chance to compete for a super bowl seems foolish.
  5. Minshew can be serviceable somewhere, but Pitt wouldn’t be one I would pick. Once teams realizes that Ben had limited arm strength, their offense wasn’t good. Minshew doesn’t have Ben’s arm or experience and would be a bad fit unless there was a complete change in their offensive system
  6. Can you please pinpoint the moment it was determined that he isn’t elite? Was it during his rookie season when his team went 4-12, but went 3-3 when Watson started? Or during the 2018 season where he went 11-5? Or 2019 where his team went 10-6? Or did it just happen in 2020? Given you ability to identify greatness in qb’s and thorough understanding of the relationship between an elite qb and the teams winning percentage, I’m sure there was a moment where this became obvious....... I can’t believe I’m falling into the trap of feeding into this nonsense.
  7. An atheist doesn’t believe in religion, so there is no way to practice atheism 😁
  8. The current owner and exec. V.P. were part of the group that made bad decision after bad decision that led to the sad state of the current roster. The team went 4-12 last year. FACT. And they have no 1st round nor 2nd round pick. FACT. They are $17 million over the projected 2021cap. FACT I don’t blame anyone who leaves a job when they have no faith in the management. Unfortunately, the way the NFL is set up, the only way to do that is often to go public and force a trade. On a side note, what did JJ Watt do to be grouped in with Watson? I didn’t see anything where he was comp
  9. Of all the people on this board, you are the last one that should be bringing up past player evaluations
  10. I agree in general, it when he is likely 3rd on the priority list, restructuring won’t get it done....he gone.
  11. I don’t see any way he will be back with the Packers. They are already projected to be $24 million over the cap and will likely prioritize Lindsey over Jones. Then they need to consider extending Adam’s, since 2021 is the last year on his contract. They drafted Dillon specifically for this. Jones will not be a Packer next year.
  12. He had above average running ability in college, OSU just didn’t need him to do it. The stats don’t look great, but remember that sacks are counted as negative rushing plays in college, so qbs with no mobility have big negative rushing stats for a year.
  13. Vikings ran 8 plays inside the 10, Cook got 1 carry..... not ideal.
  14. Are you seriously saying Brenda is the most talented RB on the Dolphins? Clearly the dolphins coaches don’t agree. Despite a lot of injuries to their RBs, he hasn’t had the highest RB snap count even once this year. He looked good last week, but to say he is the “most talented of them all” screams of someone who has Breida on their fantasy roster and is wanting to see more than what is really happening
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