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  1. Hey. Should i trade my De'Aaron Fox and Draymond Green for Harden? 9 cat 14 teams 2h2 league.
  2. Would you add either of these two for Kyle Anderson or Patrick Beverley? Or would it be better to add Andre Iguodala or John Henson for Rudy Gay? 14 team league, H2H, 9 cat
  3. Hey. I´m not rly sure how to value Max Kepler in my dynasty league. I cant get him an extension so he would be a FA this season. But a other owner can give him an extension, so he want to trade for him. What kind of value would be ok? Spealing of draft picks.
  4. i know what you mean. But would you trade him for idk, a pack of not rly high prospects?
  5. What´s your thoughts on him in dynasty? He was so good the last seasons. Yea this one was one to forgett. But is hi still a top tier SP in your opinion?
  6. A guy offerd me Sony Michel for my Corey Davis oder Dante Pettis. Am I missing something or is Michel not as good as i think? 12 team, 0.5 ppr dynasty league.
  7. Hi all. So i wanna try and get Bregman in my dynasty league. The team he belongs to is rly bad and dead last in our league. I could try and offer Corey Seager and Max Kepler for him. What dou you think? Do i need to offer more?
  8. Man it´s so hard....... what to do with this guy in dynasty? I don´t think i can sell him for someone i like.
  9. Hey all In my dynasty league it´s allowed to raise an objection if you feel a trade is not ok. So i wonder if the following trade is ok or not: Team A gets: Sammy Watkins Team B gets: Curtis Samuel + 5th round rookie draft pick Just want to hear some opinions.
  10. Hey all I´m otc an im not sure who i should take. Available are Marquise Brown, Parris Campbell, TJ Hockenson. Its Pick 1.13. 16 team league, standard scoring.
  11. Osman, Gay or LeVert for tonight? Or should I switch Clarkson with LeVert? Than Osman, Gay or Clarkson?
  12. Hey all. I´m in my PO this week and I´m too stacked on PF/C position. And you don´t know, everything could matter at the end of the week. So i need to drop one of my players. Candidates to drop are: Taj Gibson, Rudy Gay. But the guys on the waivers are not rly the best. For example: Danuel House Jr., Seth Curry, George Hill, Shaquille Harrison, .... Is anyone of this guys worth adding?
  13. Hey all So I lost Ingram. Currently locked at 1st seed in my league. So i need to Pick up someone. Players who are avalible: Rodions Kurucs, Kenrich Williams, Cedi Osman, Ersan Ilyasova, Ish Smith. And also Alex Caruso is there if i want to replace Ingram with another laker. What do you tink?
  14. Ok, so I´m not dumb for saying no 😁 I could make a counter offer and switch out Blackmon for Betts. But I think thats a litte bit too mean. Or not?
  15. Hey all So a guy in my dynasty league offerd me Syndergaard+Blackmon vs. Yelich+Luzardo+Moustakas (i own Yelich, Luzardo, Moustakas ). Am I dumb not to accept this? Or am I just too high on Luzardo?
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